Breakthrough in breast implant surgery?

I remember that in the mid '80s, in various places like porn films and adult magazines, there was suddenly an explosion of models with huge breast implants. I mean the unreal basketball size ones. Silicone had been around since the Sixties; was there some sudden medical breakthrough in just how hugamongous they could make implants?

No. Just make bigger & bigger silicon bags. Hope they don’t get too lumpy.

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And I think they use saline now rather than silicone.

When you’re putting in an implant it can only enlarge the breast a fe w sizes, because the skin gets too tight. After the implant is in for awhiel the skin stretches so you can take that implant out and put a new one in.

The new really big implants are inflatable with more saline. You don’t need new surgery to go up another ssize, because they can just fill the bag more. Some of them have the doctor have to put a long needle through teh actual breast into a certain part of the implant. Other ones of them have an attached tube that reaches to the arm pit so its easier to gfind.

So really really big implants are common now because it used to be you needed 10 surgeries to go up 10 sizes, and now its maybe 5 surgeries until you can fit an inflatable implant, and after that they just add more saline when you want to get bigger.

I have heard that the hugest implants are not made in America and American doctors aren’t allowed to do the surgery for them, but I don’t know if it’s right.

I think that those ultra-large breasts are a result of the flourishing of the X-Rated video industry and “adult” magazines, which (like most entertainment industries) believes that often “more is better”.

Once they got things rolling, they had to top each other. What we have here is the mammary equivalent of the “arms race”.

I don’t think there are too many women outside the entertainment industry who have basketball-boobies.

Maybe in California and Nevada it’s different. I do know that a woman like that would stop traffic here in Montreal.

According to a large-chested woman I know who worked as a stripper in the 1960’s, she claims all the women at the club where she worked were referred to a doctor who injected them with liquid silicone. Not an implant, an injection. He would even come to the club and do it there if you didn’t have time to get to the office.

She’s now terrified that she’s more susceptible to cancer because of the direct injections of silicone, not only because there seems to be a link between the two but also because the hardened silicone makes discovery of any cancer much more difficult if not impossible.

Self-contained implants came to be used later on, when doctors discovered problems with injections, including migrating silicone and the increased incidence of breast and other cancers.

As far as the more freakish breast cancer implants happening out of the country, I don’t know enough to be able to speak to this, but I assume that there’s always somebody here willing to make a buck and so there’s always some doctor willing to put that buck ahead of any principles. That’s as much true here in America as anywhere else.

Heck, we had a stripper here for a while that had 3 breasts; she billed herself as “Cyclops.” And I’ve seen some pretty large breasted “shemales” too; must be implants. Of course I’m not a doctor and can’t speak with any authority, but I don’t think they would have much penile function if they were taking female hormones.

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