Breastfeeding = All that is Evil?!

According to this website:,
breastfeeding is the cause of homosexuality, addiction to cybersex, and promiscuity. They even claim that breastfeeding is an incestuous act that should be outlawed. They want to march on Washington to get a law enacted that would make breastfeeding a federal offense punishable by fines and jail time for ‘repeat offenders’
If there was ever a proper time for a :rolleyes: this is it.

And this…


Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

I’m gonna assume that that site’s a joke. I mean, really:

That just doesn’t strike me as legit.

Tell me, please… this has to be a troll. Some college kids having a laugh?. Shee-it.

You heard his interview with Tim & Mark, right? I heard that wack-job on the radio too. That cuckoo clock was doing some serious overtime!

Don’t forget, breastfeeding is also responsible for runaways, school shootings, drug use, and ennui.

We need a “wacked-out-of-his-gourd” smilie.

I know!

I left out the C-Section of the OP because I thought the breastfeeding part was enough of a clincher, but that was a good one too. These people are NUTS … I’m ashamed that their address is here in Phoenix.

Lo and behold: Anti-breastfeeding group turns out to be a hoax

I am certain this is a joke. But not as funny as it could be in the hands of a cleverer writer.

I do have to say, on my pregnancy list there was one mom on there who thought that she couldn’t breastfeed her baby if it was a boy because it would be “sick.” Incidentally, this was her second baby; her first was taken away by the state under circumstances she wouldn’t go into. Sometimes I think it’s too bad one doesn’t need to pass a basic intelligence test before getting pregnant.

Breastfeeding IS evil. At least the breastfeeding I saw on Sunday at Mass.

Front pew. 2 year old child.

And the 6 year old girl was reading a comic book adaption of the Battle of the Bulge. Surreal day at church, if there ever was one.

Not according to the guy on the radio. He was completely serious that breastfeeding is the direct cause of all that is wrong in the world today. I wish it was a joke. I told someone else that this would have been hysterical if it had been an Onion article, but this isn’t satire.

That’s where I found out about the website. I’m sitting here in my office trying to do work when this wingnut starts spouting about the evils of breastfeeding. I knew I had to post that link here.

In preview I see that Max has posted a link to it really being a hoax. Wow, I wonder if Tim & Mark know this.


A) It’s a joke.
B) He’s a loon.
C) He owns a lot of stock in baby formula manufacturers.
D) He’s trying to weaken the human stock by getting us to feed our babies inferior bottle formula, preparatory to the invasion of his masters from the Shi’Ar Galaxy.


Seriously, though. Of course there’s a sensual pleasure in breastfeeding. It’s a survival mechanism. Of course, the chapping and the biting set it off…

Or, in Freudian terms:
Oral erotic–infantile (babies gotta drink, and they drink from mom)
Anal erotic–training the excretory functions (always found this one a little odd)
Clitoral erotic–get that boy to touch you, leads to …
Vaginal erotic–ooh! procreation! she “comes”, & the next generation comes… (yeah, this may be a function of the previous one, but what about stimulation of the uterine cervix?) and then you get your body ready for the hard work of childbirth (Do those Kegels! & …Fisting may be good for you?)
leading back to…
Mammary erotic–feeding the next generation, and the cycle continues…

They do now. I emailed them with the link. Thanks, MaxTorque.

I did too … I wasn’t sure who to email, so I picked their producer.

This was a hoax. Now with the internet and all, it’ll mutate into a Urban Legend.


Fisting may be good for you?
Is it me or does that sound like a title for a self help book?
“Know your inner self through fisting”
As for the OP, I really got a giggle out of the last line about repeat offenders.

Recently in my state a woman was arrested for abusing her six year old son- she was forcing him to breast feed still. That sounded terribly odd to me, but in reaction to the news atory there was a link to a message board on which mothers of kids from 2.5 to 4.5 yrs old were outraged- and they were all still breastfeeding their kids. It’s a strange world we live in.

A friend’s brother was still being bathed by their mother when he was 12 - according to the friend, he used to make suggestive comments to the mother during the process…
Fierra, going to clean my brain again now (I hadn’t thought about that for nigh on 15 years)

Actually, a woman related a story on a news program I forgot that she informed a Leche League person about just this sensation she got while breatfeeding. She wound up in a lot of court-related turmoil because of it.

Um…isn’t breastfeeding the whole point of having breasts in the first place? They’re really just giant feedbags, if you want to be blunt about it…
I remember my cousin, when he was little, and his mother had just had a baby, thought one breast had regular milk and one breast had chocolate.

This was the “Political Site of the Day” at back in December. When I saw it then, it was more obviously a parody – sorry, but I don’t remember details.

Another controversy is over something called “Attachment Parenting”. This includes “The Family Bed”, that’s when the whole family sleeps together in one bed. Some “Attachment” parents breastfeed children well into toddlerhood, that’s called “Extended Breastfeeding”. Here’s some links: