Breasts! Now that I have your attn., only 5 days are left!

Breasts! Now that I have your attn., only 5 days are left…

for one to contribute to
to reach their month of May fundraising goal!

I’m all for it. (Ooops! Almost put another t before the small i.) :eek:

Let’s start over–

I’m in favor. I’ve seen no case against these sites.


- Jack

I have an e-mail reminder sent to me daily to remind me to click.

I know on some occasions they have not met their goal. Let’s click!

Oh, right, Ivy, wasn’t it you I’ve seen promoting this particular division around here?

Way to go, my friend,

- Jack

No, that wasn’t me, but I have been known to play from time to time.

I have the page with the six tabs as my home page so I remember to click each morning. And now I’ve added the vote for Quasimodem’s animal shelter.

I’m reopening this thread for the good it may bring.

Please remember that we welcome threads for worthy causes – but permission to post such threads should always be requested and permission granted in advance. You should also mention that in the first paragraph of your thread as well so everyone knows it’s on the up and up.

They didn’t make the deadline for May, but they’ve gotten an extension. Click, people!

In California we’re going to lose a lot of services for low-income women, such as screenings and even treatment. When I was in treatment I passed up a lot of those services offered at lowered cost in order for funds to be available to the truly needy. Any site that will help more women catch BC earlier has my vote. Personally, I donate to, without which I would have been truly in the dark.

Thank you for the great response to my e-mail. I’ll respond to it and your post here!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This means so much to me on an otherwise very dark day. :smiley:

As I now understand, it is important to make sure that I fully understand the SDMB rules and abide by them, even with the best of intentions. There is much that is necessary to maintain the high level of standards here that has been of benefit to everyone over a long time.

Does anyone know how much extra time there is to cross that goal and trigger the matching funds?

THANK YOU also to everyone who has contributed!

This is so very… :cool:

  • Jack***

Thanks again, ivylass.
I have just found a third location to click from today.

Mutliple PC sites may not add to the count, because they are connected.

But one can go from one public library to another, etc.

- Jack