breathholding and toking

Does one get more effect out of a toke by holding their breath for 4 minutes rather than 1 second as is normal for a conventional drag?

Is it economically viable for real dopers to practise holding their breath?

Just a wild guess, but I would say ABSOLUTELY. Once you exhale the smoke it then goes to linger in the air for a while then sticks to everything in your apartment(windows, walls, ceilings, etc.). What is there to keep it from just settling in your lungs instead? Nothing. From my own experience I have noticed that the longer you keep the smoke in your lungs, the less smoke you will exhale.

I suggest if you want to make your tobacco to last as long as possible, keep your tokes inside as long as possible, and “cap” the bowl(if you use your tobacco pipe often a bottlecap works well, just make sure the rubber on the underside of the cap is removed first) so it doesn’t burn unnecessarily.

B-Real, of Cypress Hill–a widely acclaimed authority on such matters–claimed in an interview with Spin Magazine, c.1995, that keeping the smoke in the lungs only built up the level of carcinogens in the bronchial tubes.

What? You want a doctor’s opinion?