Brian Urlacher, why must you break my heart

I’m just imagining milroyj, that (while maybe not Paris), he probably found out that 75% of the women in this town want to give him a good rutting, and the wife and kid were becoming a burden for his dick’s needs. Hell, I’d ride him six ways from Sunday and would tell him that to his face.

I suspect his wife was tired of putting up with such shit. BUT, I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. I still want to like him. I don’t want him to be Jeremy Shockey.

[Skywalker] She’s riiiiiiich [Skywalker]


Urlacher has a contract for $70 fucking million dollars. What does he need a rich girl for?

Always the guys fault, is that what you’re saying? I don’t recall seeing why they seperated. Maybe it was because She didnt like being alone for close to half a year and so she was “stepping out” on him.

I’ll bet women cheat on their husbands just as much as the husbands cheat on their wives.

Nope, never said it’s always the guys fault. But I do know this particular guy is a very good looking, very VERY popular, well revealed professional athlete and their reputation with the ladies isn’t always Golden Boy caliber.

Like I said above, I hope I’m wrong. I hope they just realized they got married too soon or something…but still, I feel bad for that little girl.

Geez jarjarbaby, you make “all access skank” sound like a bad thing. Hold onto the thought that when she is 35, she’ll be a drilled out skank who only has her inheritance to fall back on.

I hope you’re wrong too, jarbabyj.

That said, his discretion leaves a lot to be desired. He’s not exactly an unknown person, and Paris Hilton, c’mon. Like it wouldn’t get into the gossips rags, and thus back to Chicago and his wife. Not very smart.

Why do hot girls always date assholes?

And I thought this was going to be a rant on the team. Hell, I haven’t stopped laughing from the announcement that the Bears picked up Kordell.

Maybe Urlacher is trading up? There’s a lot of money involved, potentially, and linebackers don’t get the top dollar…

HE HAS A CONTRACT FOR $70 MILLION, and a thousand endorsements. It’s not money, it’s the attraction of strange pussy.

This would make a great marketing campaign.

Vacation in Bangkok. It’s not money, it’s the attraction of strange pussy.

Rich, hot, and horny. Da-amn. Why can’t all women be like her? (ducks and runs)

Well, i’m coming up on 35, and i wish that “all” i had to fall back on was the Hilton fortune!

Imaginary scene of Urlacher coming home to his wife, paraphrased from The Last Boy Scout:

Laurie finds out that Brian hooked up with Paris Hilton
Brian: It just kinda happened, honey!
Laurie: Sure it just happened! You tripped, fell on the floor, and accidentally stuck your dick into her! “Gee, I’m sorry, honey, this just isn’t my week!”

JarbabyJ, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you’re not one of those women who complains about the double-standard of women being labeled “sluts” while men get no flak for sleeping around.

The fact that you cannot comprehend why Urlacher would want to fuck Paris merely confirms that you are not a guy.

As a Giants fan, I usually grimace and ignore it every time I hear something about Shockey from the tabloids. But I would remind you…Shockey never left a wife and kid behind to do his skirt chasing. He’s a 22 year old millionaire with a high profile career. Even the friggin’ Dalai Lama would be looking for some play in his situation.

All in all, I have more respect for Shockey’s personal life than Urlacher’s.

mmmm, Christina…

Did you miss the part where I’m giving Urlacher flak for sleeping around? I’m blaming him completely. I wouldn’t care if he fucked a young, nubile virgin who granted him three wishes, URLACHER is the ass in this situation, and I’ve said that from the beginning. Don’t accuse me of double standards.

However, Shockey saying he wouldn’t play with a homosexual on his team and calling his boss a homo is not really my bag, respect him all you want.

Do I need to say it?


P.S. I’m surprised no one has pitted the Hilton sisters AFAIK…

Urlacher is turning from the nice defensive player on Playmakers into the partying running back. Life imitates sports soap opera.

I dunno, it’s the complete and utter hypocrisy on your part that bugs me the most.

Maybe if Ms. Hilton looked vaguely Germanic and dug humiliation, then maybe this would be okay with you?

Oh, wait, is that a mote in your eye?

Yes, I think you do need to say it because I have no idea what you mean.