Could Someone explain Joe Namath?

I was watching the Patriots/Jets game this evening. It’s still on. They had Joe Namath on the side line talking to a pretty ESPN sideline commentatator, whose name escapes me. Anyway, he spoke in a very drunk-like fashion, and on two occasions told her he wanted a kiss. Is something up with Namath, maybe too many hits to the head, or is he a dirty old man.

I put this in the pit because his behavious really upset me. That poor woman had to deal with some leacherous bastard on national TV.

No Like Namath. Turn Channel

He was probably drunk.

My wife and I were equally shocked at this. At first I thought maybe he had some sort of neurological disorder, but upon further discussion, Madame Viks & I believe he was drunk. I think the commentators doing the game also joked that Joe was “very, very happy” this evening, making me think that even they thought he threw back a few too many.

I bet his throbbing cock was very, very happy.

He was lit like a Roman Candle.

Did you see him lean back and check our Suzy Kolber’s ass?

You can’t write stuff like that, man.

Drunk. Definitely drunk. And creepy too. I wonder how he managed to act sober enough prior to the interview for ESPN to put him on the air live.

Now we just have to figure out Pennington’s excuse for throwing all those interceptions. Not that that’s a bad thing…go Pats!

My own experience with Broadway Joe:

A couple of years ago I flew in to LAX to visit family over the holidays. My brothers were there to pick me up. This was before 9/11 and they were allowed to meet me at the gate. As I exited the gate and met them at the terminal, they told me they had just seen Joe Namath there, and that he was drunk and making a scene. The police were called in to settle things down. It had all happened just before my plane arrived, so I didn’t get to see the show. :frowning:

So last night’s episode did not surprise me at all.

I’ve been wanting to kiss Suzy Kolber for years, but I get no press. Where’s the love? :frowning:

I can explain Joe Namath.


You’re Welcome.

I’d ogle Suzy Kolber’s ass in a heartbeat, and I wouldn’t even need alcohol to do it.

Damn. I would like to think that if I had as much money as Joe Namath, my bad habit would be cocaine and not vodka.

Omigod, I remember when Broadway Joe was a hot young sex god . . . In pantyhose . . . Jesus, I’m old . . .

It was the tatas that did it. Very distracting.

Eve, I remember that too. I just thought he was a little classier. I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall when he reviews that game tape!

You and me both, sister.

I feel for the guy. There’s a lot of shame associated with being a drunk.

Ah, you can always drown it.

There’s lots of things Broadway Joe was back in the day, but classy was never one of them. Remember the sideline fur?

Personally I am shocked, shocked that a guy named Broadway Joe drinks to excess and hits on women. Who’d’ve imagined such a thing.

Won’t somebody think of the children?