Brian Williams is 100% funnier than 99% of professional comics.

What will it take to get him to bail on the news gig and host a talk show where he can be screamingly, brilliantly funny the whole time?

A much bigger paycheck than he’s getting now, and a comparable amount of ‘respect’.

I think he’s in exactly the right position now: he’s a news anchor who can be surprisingly funny when called on and says things you never expect to hear a newscaster say. I don’t see him as a talkshow guy, and I think he’s said being a nightly news anchor was always his dream.

I saw Brian Williams on a show the other day. . .maybe it was Pierce Morgan? The way in which he spoke about the news— with such fervent passion-- makes me think he’d never abandon that for anything else. He said that the news is an all-encompassing passion for him and has been his entire life.

Yeah, he’s funny for a news anchor. As a stand-up, the pros would run circles around him.

It’d be funny if he himself had orchestrated those fire alarms while he was doing the news.

I’m just happy to see him on The Daily Show from time to time. His banter with Jon Stewart is just perfect.

Yeah, a big reason his funny works is because it plays against his “straight” persona. Without the regular persona in place to bounce off of, the funny wouldn’t be as funny.

While being interviewed on a talk show, he is funnier than any standup I have ever seen. Unless you count uncomfortable setups for short pieces of old routines as funny.

Be that as it may, he did great hosting SNL.

Is this related to the fire alarms that kept going off the other night on NBC news?


Could you provide an example, Stoid? I’ve never heard of him.

I’d say it was from him hosting Saturday Night Live a few years back, though he probably was brought to mind as a result of those alarms. He was a fabulous host, and I kept marveling at how natural and at ease he was.

He does a pretty convincing Regis.

He’s the Peyton Manning of newcasters. He’s got solid comedy skills but he’s already got a better job.

Keith Olbermann and Martin Bashir are much funnier.

He’s witty, intelligent, and confident. I hadn’t seen him tell the Regis story, but that was pretty hilarious. Here’s a digital short he did for SNL about his daily routine. It gets a smirk here and there, but I agree he’s at his best on someone’s late night show.

he appeared rather stilted and awkward on 30 rock.

Probably nobody saw this, but whenever he was on The Bonnie Hunt Show he was hysterically funny. He and Bonnie had sharp, quick exchanges that were so obviously unrehearsed. Good, sarcastic banter. His wife was usually sitting in the audience and played along. She’s pretty funny, too.

I was sorry to see that show end, as it was one of the few good things on during the day. Apparently, it wasn’t shocking or edgy enough to grab ratings and the demographic skewed too “old” (as if the 20-somethings the ad agencies aim for would be watching daytime TV.)