Bridget Loves Bridget (Meredith Baxter comes out)

Without comment except for the pun in the title:

What would arch-conservative Alex P. Keaton think of his mother and her new general contractor girlfriend? Ha, that’d be a very special episode I’d like to see.

Alex wouldn’t mind. He and Skippy have been married for years and happily running a B&B in Vermont.

Good for her. And nice to know her family and friends are so supportive.

This would be bad news for Chef if he wasn’t, you know, dead. Link

It sounded to me like it was a case of “come out or be outed” and she was none too happy to go public.

I was more shocked that the Family Ties cast member who came out wasn’t Tina Yothers or has she come out at some point and I missed it?

Gotta admit I wouldn’t have seen this coming in a million years. Good for her.

How do you find out that late in life that you’re a lesbian? She says she wasn’t ‘living a lie’, but I have a hard time believing she wasn’t in deep denial and to me that’s ‘living a lie’.

Wouldn’t “Bridget Loves Bridget” be a tale of masturbation? What, you couldn’t go with “Bridget Loves Bernice”? :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear that she’s happy and her family (esp. kids) are glad for her. That’s really all that matters.

If you know something and deny it, that’s a lie.

If you don’t – or can’t let yourself – know something, that’s just sad.

Most of the time when celebs come out as gay I say “no shit!” but this one was a shocker. Not a shocker in a bad way but a shocker in that I wouldn’t have guessed it.

Glad she’s got support, tho. And hopefully since she’s one of those “well loved” celebs (I think?) the public will support her too.

Side note: I told my brother about it and he said “too bad, NICE boobs!” which is honestly something he’s never said to me in the 30 years I’ve known him. I’ve never heard him comment on any female sexually, ever. I said “still nice, at 62?” and he said yes. So since he bothered to mention it and bothered to expound, I’d suggest that Merideth has the best boobs ever.

This happens way more often than people think. Most of the gay men I know around my age (50s, 60s) had been married with kids, and had no idea they were gay for many years. Repression can be a powerful thing.

Uh, maybe with some people, sexual preference is a lot more fluid than is commonly thought. So perhaps she wasn’t gay & then came to a point in life where she was- maybe only with her present partner.

I just had a thought…

How about a top-ten list of clues that finally make you really wonder whether you have not really been your basic heterosexual all of these years?

Of course, maybe I should just go now and check to see whether letterman has done just that…

She said in another article that she deliberately made bad relationship choices with men.

This is sad to read, but at some point, if you know you’re making bad choices and you’re not examining yourself to find out why, ISTM that you’re kind of being a user and a bit of a jerk. Hopefully things are working out better for her now.

I totally agree with this. In the past you were pressured to make a choice AND stick with it.

Now no one cares about labels, especially young people. A lot of young ones have the attitude of “I’m horny and it doesn’t matter what sex if all I’m looking to do is get off quickly.”

There’s less stigma today so it’s becoming a matter of “Whoever’s available at the moment.”

That’s actually pretty darn funny :smiley:

You could make a living writing porn titles :slight_smile:

So Steven Keaton should have had that affair after all, he even had matching socks.

When Chastity Bono came out, her Republican dad was cool and accepting, while her Democrat mom freaked out.