Brief Blackout Leads to (my) Family's Fun

Our block and a bit of the surrounding area lost power due to a downed power line somewhere. A few minutes after it happened the ice cream man happened to come by so dad flagged him down and got FrozFruit bars for all of us (him, me, mom). So we sat on the porch enjoying our treats and then mom got the emergency kit to see if the radio would tell us anything more serious. We didn’t find anything so we left the radio tuned to a classical station. After a little bit I said “how about Trivial Pursuit?” I found the 20th anniversary edition and we played on the porch, while noshing on Wheat Thins and soda and listening to the music. The power came back on (after about 2 hours) toward the end of the game, which I won!

It was just a realy nice time to spend together and have a few laughs while hanging out. I kept saying “isn’t this jolly?” :smiley:

that sounds like fun. long enough to get a game in, short enough not to kill everything in the 'fridge.

The only time my neighbors seem to come out is when the power goes out. Sad, really.

You know, some of the very best conversations we’ve had at our place, were during blackouts. :slight_smile: