Brief scenes in films that FREAKED YOU OUT

Train spotting

Where the guy jumps into the toilet to retrieve what ever it was




Funny, that was the movie I thought of, but not that scene.

The one that does it for me was the scene when the wooden Jesus-on-the-cross opens his farking eyes, holy crap. :eek:

I still see that in my dreams some nights. Blech. Creepy wooden Jesus. Die.

Me too! This is the one that immediately jumped into my mind. I’m not easily scared, and I’ve seen a jillion horror movies, but the way they so unexpectedly flash to that shot, and that there’s that screaming, high-pitched sound when they do it startled the shit out of me. I actually started having an anxiety attack and had to go take xanax to calm down.

Similarly, in Schindler’s List when the boy jumps into the outhouse’s pit to escape the Nazis only to find three or four other boys already down there.

I don’t think I could ever do that.

Ah yes. The dead girl. Also known as The Nastiest Thing Ever Made. I first watched the movie on DVD. I saw that thing, recoiled in abject horror, and then, for reasons that are even now unclear to me, picked up the remote, rewound, and freeze-framed on that thing for a good five slack-jawed, terror-filled seconds.

Let me assure you, staring at it for a longer period of time does not make it any less The Nastiest Thing Ever Made. Holy crap…why did you people have to make me think about that thing? Aaaaeeeeewwwwggggh. Bbbbbrrrrr. :mad:

The rape scene in Prince of Tides, especially after Barbara Streisand said, “What happened to the third man, Tom?”

Any movie where people rip out their fingernails and/or toenails. I’m not usually bothered by dismembered body parts, but I have a peculiar weakness for cuticles, God only knows why. (Cronenberg’s The Fly was particularly nasty in this regard.)

And I don’t remember the name of the movie for this one – some guy gets kidnapped by the bad guy, and winds up with his brain floating in a jar with the eyes and spinal cord attached, still alive & awake. All I remember about the movie is that it was dumb and silly and not meant to be taken seriously, but all I could think in that scene was, “How in hell is he going to get HIS BRAIN BACK INTO HIS BODY???” That would really suck!

I presume you’re all talking about the remake? You are pathetic and weak! I get nastier things than that free with my breakfast cereal! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aesiron’s “bite the curb” scene is up there, though I’m still figuring out how that killed the guy rather than breaking all his teeth and his jaw.

A nod to The Mothman Prophecies, now. The shot where you briefly see Indrid Cold reflected in the mirror gets 9.5 out of 10 "Wah - motherfucker"s from me.

Ack. No way this could be as horrible in a freeze frame, thought I. So I did a google search for the image. Jesus thats nasty. Now it’ll take the rest of the morning for me to work up the courage to open my closet so I can get dressed.

I hated this movie, but the one part where they’re driving along the road and see the two red lights in the distance, and then all of a sudden you see for maybe a frame or two that the redlights are the eyes of the mothman was pretty freaky.

There is a French movie called Irreversible that has two of the most intense and disturbing scenes ever captured IMO.

Monica Bellucci is viciously analy raped and beaten. It is so realistic that I nearly got sick while looking at it.

There is a scene early on (the movie is told backwards ala Memento) were a guy gets his head caved by being continually hit with a fire extinguisher. This is the most horribly strong act of violence I have ever seen in a movie.

Watch movie at your peril if you are anyway easily disturbed.

Gotta second this one. I yelped uncontrollably when her head flopped forward.

And then of course there’s…
Large Marge.

In Romper Stomper, when the kid gets shot in the forehead.

The Elephants on Parade scene in “Dumbo”.

For me it’s where Robbins freaks out in the bathtub. A real flesh-crawler of a film.

Angel Heart: De Niro eats a hard-boiled egg. Ugh.

Sunset Blvrd: “I vos her first husband.”

The Third Man: the little boy with the ball.

In The Quick and the Dead, (Gene Hackman/Sharon Stone version), the scene where Hackman kills the black gunslinger that the town hired. You see the shot from behind the gunslinger and there’s a large hole completely through his head that you see the sky through. It was so sudden and unexpected that I sat frozen in shock for a few seconds. It was like…“Whoa!”

And this one isn’t a film, but the pilot for a TV show–The Greatest American Hero. This guy gets electrocuted and is lying there dead. His coworker runs off and all of a damn sudden the corpse sits up. Not a casual “yawn, stretch, sit up” sort of thing. He just jerks upright as if he were a puppet on a string (which, of course, he was, being controlled by aliens), with a deadpan expression and open eyes. I jumped sky high and it took a few minutes to get my heart rate back to normal. It was just–ooky!

Yeah. Very disturbing.

For some reason, when the dead twins appear in the hallway of the Overlook in the Nicholson version of The Shining it just sends chills through me. Freaks me out more than the Tub Lady.

Then there’s the scene in The Sixth Sense when the boy invites Cole to see his dad’s gun, and as he turns to go into the room, you see…

I don’t wanna talk about it.

Ahhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaan. I forgot about Large Marge. Yikes! :smiley:

1975, on vacation in Florida, still just a kid (not even a teenager yet), and my folks decide we should all go see… you guessed it… Jaws.

It was one of those “rocking-chair theaters” that were hip back then. I was sitting forward in my seat during the diving scene when THE FREAKIN’ HEAD COMES THROUGH THE HOLE IN THE BOAT! I flew back so hard in my chair that my seat-back smacked into the dude behind me.

That’s the first thing I thought of. I love the rhythm of that scene. The sound (music? I don’t remember now) effect on that just punctuates the phrase so well. “Come on, I’ll show you where my dad keeps is guns… Bwaaaaah!”