Brief scenes in films that FREAKED YOU OUT

In Donnie Darko, the scene where Donnie is looking into the mirror, and he is seeing the reflection of the bunny, and the bunny suddenly presses its paw against the glass (there may have been an appropriate sound effect) FREAKED ME OUT :eek: I kept seeing this trailer while watching other movies, and I swear no matter how many times I saw the trailer in the theater, I would jump two feet out of my seat. It was very brief, but I guess because I had no context (why is there this hideous bunny pounding on the mirror?! :confused: ) it made it scarier.

Oddly enough, when I actually watched the film, I wasn’t afraid. This confirms my suspicions that seeing something freakishly bizarre without any context has much more ‘eek’ factor. I had a somewhat similar reaction to Dreamcatcher, where it is clear that Beav and Jonsey are looking at something terrible, but you don’t know what. It totally put me on the edge, but the actual film was kind of a disappointment. :frowning:

The scene in Exorcist III when the killer suddenly appears in the darkened hospital corridor with the king-sized shears right behind the nurse.

The scene in Devils Advocate when Mrs. Keanu (Charlize Theron) sees her fellow law firm wives morph into demons for a split second.

All of the torture flashbacks from Sybil- none lasted very long but what they did implicitly was more terrifying than if they’d been graphic.

The mutilated Latin American whore sequence from Kill Bill 2- it wasn’t particularly graphic but it was freakier than anything else in the movies.

My college roomie and I were watching the alien abduction flick “Fire in the Sky”. The aliens have got their latest subject strapped to the table with his eyes forced open, as the gigantic needle comes closer and closer.

At this point I leap up and zoom out of the dorm room at something approaching .8c, yelling, “aahhhhhnothinggoesintheeye!”

[sub]See, I got this thing about eyes. Nothing goes in 'em.[/sub]

This was the first thing that came to mind when I read the OP.

Me too. That was utterly screwed up.

In The Ring , at the funeral when they flash back to how they found the first dead girl, the look on her face, OMG! :eek: I felt all the blood drain from my face and my body went cold.

My husband said he happened to look at me at that point and was scared at the look on my face because he had never seen me that way.

There’s an older animated version of Anastasia, I forget from what era (not the newer Disney one, though), and I was watching it with a little girl I was babysitting one time.

There’s a dream sequence where little orphaned Anna dreams about her family, sitting down to a lavish banquet table in their finest dress. Everyone’s cheerful, happy, smiling…

…and suddenly, their faces all fade to blank, featureless white, with only black slits for eyes, while creepy music plays and Anna cries out in her sleep. This is supposed to represent her “loss” of her family, but it really freaked me out.

I was napping during the movie Deliverance. I woke up at the “squeal like a pig” rape scene. I was actually sick to my stomach and had to turn in off. I’ve not had a movie scene before or after effect me like that.

Talking of rape scenes, the scene in Man Bites Dog was the closest I’ve ever come to throwing up in a bag of popcorn. It wan’t even my popcorn.

<insert puking smiley>

The most freaked out I’ve ever been because of a movie was from the B-grade voodoo thriller The Believers. Anyone who’s seen this movie is thinking, “Oh, sure. The scene where the spider eggs implanted in the woman’s face start hatching, right?” Nope. That was a pretty hard-core scene, but that’s not the one that got me. It’s the scene right at the beginning, when the mom gets electrocuted by the coffee maker. I had nightmares about that for years. 'Course, I was just a little kid when I saw it, and I suspect I was doing a great deal of projecting.

The Donnie Darko thing mentioned in the OP freaks me out everytime I watch the movie, no matter how far in advance I tell myself “Okay, the rabbit is going to touch the glass, you will not jump out of your seat this time.”

Another one is in Spider-Man, when Norman Osbourne is remembering his first night as the Goblin, and all of the sudden the mask appears on screen and screams at you, and it freaks out everyone in the theater.

Several scenes in Jacob’s Ladder. Especially the one where Jezzy, for a split moment, turns into a demon-face with big dark eyes and pointy teeth. It’s very quick and fairly subtle, but boy it dropped my body temp about 10 degrees!

Thank you! I’ve been trying to remember what movie that was so I can avoid it! The damn thing pops into my head regularly!

I got totally skeeved by a movie called Dr Sardonicus when I was a kid. This guy dug up a body, his father’s, I think, and the face was all twisted into a horrible grin. When he got home, his face had gone the same way. :eek:

The scene in Requiem for a Dream where all those guys are watching the women do a bunch of nasty crap for drugs. It made me nauseous.

Possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen on film. I was actually enjoying the film, in a kind of twisted way – but that scene ruined it for me completely.

The Exorcist, director’s cut, when Linda Blair walks down the stairs on her hands and feet - with her back to the stairs.

I know I mention this every time this kind of thread shows up but the scene in American History X when Edward Norton’s character makes the guy that broke into his house bite the curb literally made me jump back from the TV as if I’d been shocked.

I think that’s the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

Damn straight. That scene really freaked me out.

There are a couple of really scary moments in The Forgotten, with Julianne Moore. It’s a pretty lame film overall, but in a couple of places the whole audience jumped out of their seats. That was pretty cool.

‘Pet Cemetary’ - Where they see that handicapped girl [with an open back?] lying in her bed.

I’m not sure of the title, can it be ‘When a stranger calls’ ? - The woman knows the murderer is in the house. In the bedroom she hears heavy breathing coming from the closet. She shakes her husband’s shoulder to wake him up. When he turns around, it’s the murderer. Camera pans to the closet where her husband is lying with a wound on his head and breathing heavily…

‘Twin Peaks’ [the series] - Just a glimpse of that dwarf, sitting in the corner. -
Or the long haired man jumping up from behind a sofa.
These were very short shots and probably therefore so scary.