Brightburn (new movie)

Trailer here.

I’m not sure how to describe this movie other than maybe superhero/ horror? It sure looks like an Elseworld story in the vein Red Son.

Okay: I’m interested.

I’ll probably watch it, but ‘evil Superman’ has been done a lot, in the comics. Even a version similar to this one was done not too long ago, in last year’s DC Halloween special. It’s also similar to some of the back story of Irredeemable.

Saw it. Anyone else?

Honestly, disappointing. Not a bad movie, but nothing particularly amazing about it. Kid is pretty much Superman, had no idea he was alien. Goes nuts and kill people instead of becoming a hero.

Kind of a horror movie, but not much of one.

I saw it too. Also underwhelmed. But once he decided to go evil he went full evil. So at least it had that. I would like to see a second one with the world trying to figure out what to do about Evil Superman. And does the kid try to rule the world or just fuck shit up for fun. That would be interesting to me.

Some nasty kills though. I wasn’t really expecting it to be as gore heavy as it was. The truck scene in particular.

Just watched this one courtesy of Redbox (I dislike movie theaters). Interesting concept (take Superman’s origin, make the kid either a natural psychopath or a victim of brainwashing by a ship that seems to have some eldritch horror qualities or a combo), but I really felt like they could have done more with it.