Britain's Got The Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Super

Strictly on ice.

Finally somebody’s done it. It was about time. A spoof of TV shows such as X-factor, Britain’s got talent etc…

And Peter Kay is the right man for the job!

Looking forward to it - Next sunday, 8pm, Channel 4.
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Well it’s good but nothing special.

I bumped this to express surprise that they’ve actually given out a phone number to vote with… Is this a real vote???

The phone numbers were fake, but apparently they really are releasing The Winner’s Song (co-written by one Gary Barlow). The single is listed on HMV’s site, anyway.

I thought it was pretty good, at times inspired. I actually did LOL at Cat Deeley telling the audience to “fucking shut up.” The musical numbers were great, much better than what they were parodying. Fabtastic attention to detail, too - did you notice that the end credits were ITV-style, not Channel 4?

[ETA - I was going to correct my typo of “fabtastic”, but I’ve decided I rather like it :slight_smile: ]

However, Peter Kay is not funny.

Some of his stand-up isn’t bad and I’m fond of Max ‘n’ Paddy Hit The Road but he released two dvds with the same material. That was really shitty.

Agreed. He had some amusing material, but not much past ‘garlic bread’. The first time.

I liked it.

It was very close to the real thing. Just amped up. I loved the way Pete Waterman thought everything was the best thing he’d ever heard and the way Dr. Fox always started off his reviews with a bad analogy that confused everyone.

I though the ending was very good and I’d watch Cat do her thing all day.

All in all a very good parody and obviously made by people who studied the originals a lot.

I laughed so much at this. Cat telling the audience to “fucking shut up” was priceless. As was her protracted “I have just been handed an envelope. I am walking to the stage. I’m here. I’m opening the envelope.”

I loved Geraldine, when she came out with “I was shitting a brick” to Cat I nearly choked on my dinner. And her comment “Before Pop Factor nobody would piss on me if I was on fire, and now I think they would” was classic.

I kind of wanted 2 up 2 down to win though. That clip of Rick Astley’s duet with them was brilliant. Just his reaction to one of them falling off the stool left me in bits.

And the attention to detail was terrific, the end credits in particular being exactly like the ITV style Pop Idol ones.

I laughed a lot, mostly as the stuff I probably shouldn’t have. My favourite part was the 2up 2down song where they changed into superheroes and then levitated out of their wheelchairs. I’ll have to search YouTube for that later.

I was really pissed with the 1 hour gap between programs though. I wanted an early night considering I woke up at 5am to watch the F1. Then I remembered I was watching it on C4+1…