BritComs, Sights, and Gun

Being a fan of British Comedy (“Are You Being Served”, “One Foot in the Grave”, etc.) I notice one particular hook phrase that generates canned laughter:

“The sights you see when you haven’t got your gun”

Where does this come from, and why would saying it be funny?
Rainbow “I’ll buy that for a dollar” Dragon

Er, I would never presume to attempt to explain British humor, but my WAG would be that it’s a rather lame pun on “gunsights”. You don’t have your gun and its “sights”, so you see other “sights”.

I don’t get Benny Hill, either. [sigh]

Well, no-one finds Benny Hill funny. :slight_smile: But as for the “gun” thing, I don’t know its origin, but it just means that it is an unwelcome or unappealing sight, thing, or person, and if one had a gun, one could then be rid of the problem.

Sorry - I considered inventing a really interesting explanation, but couldn’t do it, really.

I’ve always heard it as “Eee, the things you see when you don’t have a gun.”
Rather than a play on ‘gunsight’, I think it’s just an expression of either disbelief or frustration.
‘Disbelief’: As a response to a hunter who says that he saw a giant pheasant/Bigfoot/Nessie, but it got away.
Or conversely, ‘Frustration’ when you are the one seeing something unbelievable and knowing that you will never be believed!

Then of course:
1/ I’m English
2/ I like Benny Hill (at least the Silent Movies and the Silly Songs)
3/ Hi, opal.