British dopers and football fans: Does this Nike ad contain real footage?

There’s a new Nike ad that is running on the US TV networks, and that can also be viewed online here.

It shows a streaker at what looks like, if my memory of Premier League colours serves me correctly, a game between Southampton and maybe Tottenham Hotspur. However, according to the scorebox in the top left of the screen, the teams are “GRN” and “CHA.”

While it seems that the commentary has been done specifically for the commercial, i was wondering whether the video was based on a real incident. There are times when it looks like real footage, and other times when it appears to be a set-up. Maybe it’s a combination of both.

That was at least the third in a series of ads that use fake footage made to look real. There was one with a guy surfing giant waves and another with a car jumping a draw bridge.


[hijack] That is IMHO the most ineffective ad yet. I’ve seen it several times during the games, and until reading it here, I didn’t know it was for Nike. [/hijack]