British Towns/Cities at night/on weekends...

…Piss me off.
This is probably too mild/not right for the Pit. But I wanted to vent a bit. It irritates me and saddens me that my fellow gender and countrymen basically become complete dickheads in the evening and especially at weekends. I have to work in town so I have to walk through the shower of shit to get home.

It’s actually like a mass-zombie film or computer game, except these zombies can move quicker (without necessarily possessing a better sense of direction) make more noise, and are probably a bit less intelligent.

It makes me sad to be Male and British to think that my kind are being represented by people who at certain times/days of the week lose every ounce of respectability, discretion, likeability.

The women are not much better - tarts/ borderline-prostitutes, ‘laddettes’.

I fully accept that there are a lot of young men and women in Britain (and surrounding islands) that are not like this, heck they might be the majority, but why does every british town have to become a zone of dickheads every night/week?!

Alcohol. Isn’t it lovely?

Wasn’t there a website that featured one UK town in particular, and showed pictures of young men and women drunk in public, in sort of an attempt to shame them?

It might surprise you, but in the recent past its generally been much much worse, in fact its pretty tame nowadays.

You can find evidence of this by looking around your town and seeing how many pubs have closed, imagine what it was once like with them all open.