British Troops Can't train in cold weather (Health and Safety regs)

What ever happened to the British stiff upper lip? :smiley: They’re going to be SOL in the next war.

I know there’s got to be more to this story. The Brits haven’t gone this soft since fighting for Monty and Mountbatten. The English will is legendary.

I’m not sure what weather conditions the US Rangers avoid in training. Their Mountaineering course is in Camp Merrill, Ga. They also train in Alaska. They may hide out in the barracks too when it’s below -20. Wear their PJ’s and curl up in their warm blankey. :cool:

Don’t know what your source for this story is. It isn’t mentioned even by the Daily Mail who would be all over this if it was true. (here’s the Daily Mail piece - nice photos).

I do note, however, that they are Royal Marine Reserves, ie civilians/part-time soldiers. Perhaps they operate under different rules from regular soldiers in peace time as they have to return to their day jobs after training.

The British Army have been accused of many things over the centuries. Not sure soft is one of them.

Put those Norwegians in the middle of a 42C desert, and we’ll how hard *they *train.

Working in extreme weather conditions isn’t just a matter of putting on mittens; it takes years of acclimation. I’m not surprised the poor Brits don’t do as well as the Nordics.

I was thinking the same thing. British soldiers are known for getting on with the job no matter what the circumstances.

The only way to get troops ready for cold weather combat is to get them out there and acclimated. I’ve read books about the Norwegian and Finnish ski troops in WWII. Ski troops are very fast and highly mobile. They can do some serious damage. The Soviets learned that lesson the hard way in WWII.

I think the article was making the point that money and resources were spent sending the British units to Norway for training. But then because it was below -20 they weren’t allowed to train. A big waste of resources.

Great that Afghanistan is not known forextreme cold weather then.

BTW, I disagree that it takes years. Pakistan Army training cycle for deployment to the Siachen and other glaciers (where -50 C is normal) is 3 months for an infantry battalion.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen?

That CapitalBay site seems to just scrape news from other sites, which is dodgy behaviour.

Anyway, the MOD say that the story is rubbish

Probably not much; I used to work with a guy who had fairly recently been medically discharged from one of the Ranger battalions because he’d got frostbite on a training exercise and lost several toes on each foot.

The article does seem kind of sketchy though. 8C for winter training? 46F is not an uncommon daytime high in the Dallas area… in Texas! I’d think real winter training wouldn’t get above freezing, and would ideally be much lower.

It seems unlikely all winter training would be that restricted. Perhaps in this one case some officer ordered the troops not to train in Norway for a few days.

Ministry of Defence says its rubbish. I guess the article over generalized a single incident.

Perhaps they all had better things to do.

British forces are all being pulled out of Afghanistan, so that isn’t really a consideration.