Britney, say it isn't so...

I’ve never posted a link here before, so I hope I don’t get in trouble for doing this wrong, but according to this:

Britney Spears was deflowered by Justin Timberlake, or so he says. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Another shocking update. Was this from that new British magazine “Duh!”? :smiley:

Quote from the article…

Hmm… so, WHEN did he pop her cherry, I wonder?

Don’t look now, but she’s smoking. What’s next?

If Justin said that, regardless of whether it’s true, he has no class. No class whatsoever.

Wow - even more shocking! This thread has opened my eyes… (chokes on own sarchasm)

Careful there, Slacker, you’re gonna sprain something!

She smokes as well… :eek:

My favorite part is the Pastor’s reaction to the smoking and boozing… “we want her to continue being a good example of what it is to be a Baptist”.

What is he saying, she was a good example before she started smoking, drinking and having sex? Has he seen her videos??

She should just admit she does all these things instead of trying to hide it.

Hell, if that’s what Baptism is all about, sign me up. Drinking, smoking, boozing, sexing, AND gratuitous nudity?

Shit, I’m already a Baptist!

Baptists…I keep fprgetting. Are those the ones that will, or won’t say “Hi” to you when they pass you in the liquor store.

ARGGGHHHH!!! forgetting

I bet this is all PR to market a new image of a bad Britney.

Maybe the innocent talk/slutty look angle wasn’t working, so now they’re going all out with the bad girl style.

Personally, I don’t think it will work unless she does some nude photos…


Let’s hear it for Journalism!

Nacho4Sara, that sounds like every Baptist I went to high school with. :smiley:

A PR campaign for a “bad” Britney? So she’s going to she’s going to act slutty, smoke, and drink while dressing like a librarian? Hot damn! That should be very popular on this board.

There was a thread on Snopes that Justin actually said, “Is she a virgin? Well, she may be, but her mouth sure isn’t!”

…and I bet she can’t wear white gloves either.

Well, her old boobs could wear white, but the new ones sure can’t!!!:wink:

According to the Sun? Well it’s got to be true then!

Stop giving the media whore airtime, please.