Britney, say it isn't so...

Everyone thinks she is still a virgin but that is a joke," Timberlake is alleged to have told a passenger on a plane, according to The Sun.

This sounds like a very far fetched quote here. Whats the chances the Mr. Nsync ever flys on a regular flight with avg joe passengers? Even if he did whats the chances that he wouold actually have to sit next to someone? Especiall some regular joe?


Link please…hehehe…:smiley: Brittney a virgin was a total joke… never did believe it…


Brtitney’s response to the past 10 zillion come ons shes received from all manner of men “No thanks, I’m a virgin and simply wouldn’t be interested in sex right now.”

It’s always worked for me :smiley:


I was just wondering who was going to replace Madonna now that she seems to be fading.

So Annie:

How you doin’? :cool: :stuck_out_tongue: