Brits; who's the girl on Channel 4 right now?

It’s some concert footage, and I was just wondering who this girl is.

Probably won’t get an answer since it’s pretty limited time, but what the hey.

Damn. They only showed one song by her. Never mind.

Is this the program?

V Festival: Highlights
[repeat] [subtitles]
Featuring performances and backstage interviews with Oasis, Maroon 5, Kaiser Chiefs, The Streets, The Bravery, Good Charlotte, The Magic Numbers, GLC, KT Tunstall, Chemical Brothers, Doves and Stephen Fretwell.

Perhaps you can see the artist on this page:

Aha! It was Jem. I know who she is, but I didn’t recognise her. Wikipedia had a list of the acts from last year. :slight_smile: