Spice Girls reunion to close out Olympics. Rehearsal pics.

The nineties weren’t exactly my music decade. :stuck_out_tongue: I know a lot of the Dope’'s members are from that generation.

You excited about the one day Spice Girl reunion? Whats your age? The live show should be really good.

Get your rehearsal pics here. The girls are luscious & sexy as ever. I’m not into all their music, but they do put on one heck of an entertaining show.

They can’t get Ringo and Paul to sing ONE SONG together?

Two words, people:



The Closing Ceremony isn’t like the Opening; if you care to look around the web, there’s a lot more info about what will be happening - it’s mainly music of course, though a few of the acts and songs might not be familair to US audiences.

That’s disappointing. I don’t want to see an overly elaborate concert, I want something cool, like Beijing’s human tower

Mel B

It can’t be any worse than the We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It reunion.

I think Jackie Chan should come and sing again, like he did in Beijing.

Melanie Chisholm was always my favourite, from the very beginning. She now has more tattoos than I can stand, which disappoints me in anybody, but she’s still the only one I like, and the only one with any actual singing talent.

Oh good, people haven’t started bashing Pete and Roger yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, getting mentioned in the thread that’s headlined by the Spice Girls reunion is not bash enough? :cool: (should I go “YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH” when putting on those sunglasses?)

Hmmm… Madness, Spice Girls, The Who, George Michael (!), Annie Lennox, possible Kate Bush (OK, that sounds better), Ed Sheeran, Muse, Russell Brand… there’s surely more, people, do not despair. But I expect there will be some acts who we’ve hardly heard of this side of the water, and at least one other who we thought were dead since the Blair era. And at least one “big surprise” just for the sake of having one.

Benny Hill, Amy Winehouse and Robin Hood singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

If Amy Winehouse shows up for the Olympic closing that will be a big surprise.


As far as I know, the last live note Kate has sung was when Dave Gilmour asked her to sing the part of the Doctor in Comfortably Numb at January 18, 2002 at Royal Festival Hall in London, She was not happy with her performance, and the professionally shot DVD does not have her performance. She put on a bit of weight (like a lot of mothers in their mid-50s) and probably isn’t comfortably performing for a huge crowd - not that she ever was.

For no real reason whatsoever, since I’ve never even heard a Spice Girls song that I can think of, I clicked on this thread.

WHAT??? Holy shit, reads article

That’s insane, but I’ll believe it when I see it, which I won’t, even if I could watch, because NBC or whoever is showing the Olympics will probably cut to an interview of some medal winner, or run a Triumph & Tragedy piece because, who the fuck ever heard of Kate Bush in America?

Local Las Vegas radio talk show hosts claim they have “insider tip” that Adele will be the super-secret surprise singer of the evening.

Not quite sure how trustworthy two Vegas disc jockies can be, but they claim to know it for a fact…

As far as Spice Girls - luckily, I missed their fame and could not tell you, nor hum, a single song they have ever sung. Perhaps if I heard one, I might recognize it (but seriously, no need to link song as I am not interested!)

I’ve seen rumors of Ray Davies playing Waterloo Sunset. That would be awesome.

Sure hope the Kate Bush rumors are true. *Running Up That Hill *seems like a good choice for the Olympics.

I almost hope she doesn’t. A lot of assholes will say a lot of asshole things about her, and I love her too much to want to hear that crap.

Why would Adele be a surprise? It would be a surprise if she didn’t play.

I was there with you on the Spice Girls, but then was reminded that I heard something that goes like “What I want, what I really really want” or something like that, once, and I believe that was the Spice Girls.