Party with the Queen!! (of England)

So a few months ago I put my name down on the list to go to Buckingham Palace for a ‘pop’ concert to celebrate the Golden Jubilee.
he acts so far announced are:

Attomic kitten
Shirley Bassey
tony Bennett
Emma Bunton
Eric Clapton
Phil Collins
The Corrs
Aretha franklin
Elton John
Tom Jones
Annie Lennox
Paul McCartney
Queen (the group not a karaoke turn!)
Cliff Richard
Rod Stewart
S Club 7
Beach Boys
Will Young

  • more to be announced

I cant think of many others that I could wish to be on the list?

But it got me thinking who would be playing at an ideal concert?
Living or dead.

So who would you pick to perform for you??

Ozzy Osbourne is also confirmed to play now.

Mind you, that list looks like my concert nightmare. I’m sure it’ll be a great day out but I’d be taking earplugs.

This isn’t as bizarre as it sounds. I distinctly remember running into the Queen at Woodstock back in '69. She’d taken some bad acid during (IIRC, which I almost certainly don’t) Country Joe and the Fish’s set. Gave her some orange juice and sorted her out, and sent her on her way. I’m sure she’ll dig Ozzie.