Britspeak help wanted

In The Limey, there’s a line that the title character says describing his new friend along the lines of “my new china, ya know, china plate, mate”. To me this manner of speech is a distant cousin to southern colloquialism (‘sweating like a whore in church’, ie). I’d like to hear other (more oft-used) rhyming that Brits use.

barney rubble: big trouble
apples and pears: stairs

by the way not all us brits use rhyming slang its a stereotypically cockney thing

Trouble and Strife=Wife
Plates of Meat=Feet

and a new one I heard the other day

David Blaine=Insane

Don’t forget that the most interesting part of rhyming slang is that you should (but don’t have to) use only the first word of the couplet, ie. china instead of china plate to mean mate. This confuses outsiders no end. :smiley: