Broadcast term

You get a satellite signal from your network and either broadcast it locally or broadcast through cable.What’s the verb for this “relay” broadcast? Rebroadcast would imply a delay or a rerun.

My wife needs this term for a document.

Closest I know of is maybe “network feed”.

I used to use military radio equipment. We often used an intermediate piece of equipment to boost our range…it was called a rebroadcast station and there was no delay involved.

Your question could be a little clearer, but some possibilities are relay, distribute, redistribute, carry, carriage (over cable), transmit and retransmit.

(My favorite, from 1913, is: “…fired out into the illimitable ether to be picked up and made use of by anybody who has the will and the apparatus to possess himself thereof”.)

“End user feed”

A facility that broadcasts (through the air) an end user feed is called a “repeater”. A facility that pumps it into a cable system is called a “headend”.

Thanks, all.I can’t quote the exact text, but retransmit sounds professional enough and yet covers the possibilities.