Brock Lesnar a Viking.

I’m kinda giddy, I hope he does well. He hasn’t played football in 10 years, but the guy is a physical monster. Some WWF fans in the stands might liven up the home games might liven things up.

He is reported to have the jersey number…69.

This is not a joke.

The last time he played ball was in High School

I’ve got a thread about this in Cafe as well.

Like I said in that thread, I think there are some wrestling skills that could translate over to line play in football. Balance, grappling skills and upper body strength, not to mention tackling. The question will be how quickly he can learn to read and react to plays, how well he can see the field and whether or not he can find the ball.

I’m pulling for him, but I think it’s a long shot.

Unless he’s got some amazing innate talent, there is no way he’ll make the cuts to a 53-man roster. The Vikings are just seeing if the long-shot will pay off in camp and preseason.

But, y’know, we do need a pass rush…

Professional sports? Is that where you sit in your living room and watch a bunch of other people play a game? It’s just a fad; it’ll never catch on.

Hey, it could work. Doesn’t anyone remember the '88 and '89 seasons, when Jim Cornette ditched his managerial duties and had back-to-back 2,000 yard rushing seasons for the Giants?
Oh, wait. That was just a dream I had, most likely brought on by some bad Chinese food.

Is it illegal for him to F-5 members of the opposing team? What about whacking them with steel folding chairs?