WWE star Brock Lesnar to Sign with the Vikings

He wants to be a D-lineman. Whaddaya think? Can a pro wrestler make it in the NFL. He is a big dude and was a world class amateur wrestler before he was in the WWE. I think it’s still a long shot that he ever really plays, but who knows?

Just to clarify, Lesnar not been with the company for three months now as he quit WWE shortly after WrestleMania XX in March amid a lot of controversy.

As to the story itself, I think he will eventually return to the ring in a few years. I doubt he’ll be a huge success but I think he has the strength and cardio to handle it considering his credentials.

Huh. There have been plenty of former football players in wresting over the years, but this is the first time I’ve heard of it going the other way…

Remember that Lesnar was a championship wrestler in college. Not that that has anything to do with football though.

Well, he’s got the physical tools. He’s ridiculously strong and he can run the 40 in 4.7. And his conditioning is apparently top-notch as well.

The problem will be mental. Basically, can he read plays well enough to play D-Line or linebacker?

I saw an interview with him, and from what I could tell he seemed to be fairly smart, a raving egomaniacal dickhead, but fairly smart.

No doubt he’s smart. But you know, there are a lot of pretty good players that played through college and still took a year to get acclimated. I’m just not seeing him being a factor the first year or two.

I there actually are some wrestling skills that could translate over to line play. The line is all about balance and grappling and upper body strength (plus speed for a D-lineman, but Brock apparently has that- of course, running speed and quickness to the quarterback are two different things). If he can learn to recognize and react to plays, it might not be that much of a stretch.

From what I’ve heard in local interviews with the coaching staff it sounds like they like Brock’s physical tools but they don’t expect to develop him overnight. He’s a “project,” a fairly low risk gamble that’s great if it pays off and no big loss if it doesn’t. Brock is a local kid and is popular up here as much for his championship amateur career as much as his WWE stint. That makes it a good place for Lesnar to try this because the fans will be on his side and they won’t be too hard on the team if it doesn’t pan out.

Maybe the Golden State Warriors could sign The Big Show! It’s not like they’re bursting with talent in the paint. They’ve got the Latvian kid they just drafted, pleasant-but-nonthreatening Adonal Foyle and creaky old Dale Davis.

I think Lesner would make an excellent defensive end. He’s really quick, and would be really good at keeping containment and getting to the QB.

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a lineman named Carlton Haselrig. He was an All-Pro lineman in his first year in the NFL. He didn’t play college football, he was an NCAA HEavyweight wrestling champion. He spent a season on the team’s developmental squad and was on the regular roster as a nose tackle in 1990.

The 6-foot-1 Haselrig wrestled at 275 pounds and increased that to 290 as a pro football player. The Steelers moved him to offensive guard in 1991 and he was chosen to play in the 1992 Pro Bowl.