Broken airplane? A letter from 1947

This is really mundane and pointless, and probably only of interest to a few people here. But it made me smile, so I thought I’d share it.

"Shortly after World War II, in 1947, a gentleman by the name of Caleb Flerk sent a letter to Mr. W.H. McCarthy, Assistant Service Manager of Chance Vought Aircraft.

The letter, pounded out on an old typewriter, began …"

       Dere mr MacArty
              Inclose i am attach a pitcher of 
  my airplane in which you will note their has bin 
  some trouble of an seRRious nature i am desirous 
  to leave you here about.  This here particklar arr-
 plane orichinally made by them plumbers of yourn was
  solt to me at a War Assets Amministration sail in
 the town of Hockeyjock Ark, lass month, a mister
  Morris Finestine was agent for the tramsackshun.

“The hilarious letter detailed an incident involving Caleb Flerk and the company’s most famous combat aircraft, the F4U Corsair.”


I guess the guy was disconcerted by the Corsair’s famous “bent wings”.

I haven’t downloaded the e-book, but I thought the letter was amusing.