Part of wing missing -- "We Know About This"

This would fill ME with confidence

Well, that’s a relief – someone knows about part of the wing being missing. One would hope it was the ground crew and the flight crew. But at least somebody knows!

I think we just witnessed an internet meme being born.

I saw this yesterday. It reminded me of a Far Side cartoon depicting a nervous airline passenger eyeing a toggle switch that’s labeled ‘Wings fall off/Wings stay on’.

This one?

Yeah, I assume that the note was a joke and the plane is supposed to be like that, right? It’s just that they thought it might be funny to scribble that on there.

Or is that chip actually a chip out of the plane?

From the article cited in the OP:

That’s the one. It’s different from the way I remember it, but that’s it.

Per the article I read before:

Slight hijack,
I was flying from Billings MT to Denver on one of those turboprop commuter planes sitting under the left wing. I look out my window and notice a giant oil stain on the engine cowling as the pilot fires the opposite engine am just about to say something when oily engine fires up and starts to spew massive amounts of oil. We are in the air in seconds. Sure enough we climb for about a minute and oil slows to a trickle and finally stopped but in the meantime we have lost gallons of oil. So we are flying over a remote and very mountainous area, basically the Continental Divide in Wyoming and I am just waiting for the engine to lock up, looking at the ground, thinking I am screwed. We landed ok but really you can’t fix an engine seal before we fly almost the worst flight ever.


From the linked article, the Alaska Airlines spokesperson said, “The small indent shown in the photo was reported multiple times in multiple flight crew reports.” I’m sure the mechanics were sick of saying, “It’s fixed!” over and over again, and placed the text on the wing to tell the air crew, “We know about it, so shut up already!”

Frankly, without that little hand-scrawled note, I never would have thought anything was ‘missing’. It looks like a deliberate cut, and I would have figured it was part of the design.

And I agree with the internet meme thing; it’s almost too easy!

Catholic Church: “We know about this.”

Batboy’s Psychologist: “We know about this.”

Bioware: “We know about this.”

Just about every tech company: “We know about this.”

Actually, that’s kinda been done before. “It’s not a bug, it’s an undocumented feature!”

That plane took an arrow to the wing!

Yes? No? Maybe so?

It’s perfect for There, I Fixed It.