Broken iPod

I’ve got a nice simple one for you, Teeming Millions. My younger brother’s iPod nano just got a cracked screen the other night.

Is that sort of thing covered under the iPod’s warranty? If so, how does he go about redeeming that warranty?

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Not a great debate obviously…but the question is…how long ago did he buy it?

If its say…within 6 months or so(probably more), you just go to Apple’s website and go to the support section, enter the IPod serial number and go from there.

What will happen is, Apple will send your brother an empty box with a return label already on it. You put the IPod in there and send it back. Within 2 or 3 days, your brother will get an email with their diagnosis(cracked screen should be an easy one). If the IPod is still under warranty, he’ll get a replacement IPod within 1 to 2 business days. No fuss, no muss. All free of charge.

Say what you will about Apple, but they’re quick with fixing and replacing IPod’s.

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Apple-Authorized repair tech here (hence the username :wink: )…’

Officially, Apple’s policy is that LCD damage/breakage is NOT covered under warranty, as it’s considered “end-user damage/abuse”, however, this is a known issue with Nanos, as long as he didn’t break it (put it in his back pocket and sit on it, drop it, throw it against the wall/etc…) there’s a very slim chance Apple may repair it under warranty (Apple actually replaces defective iPods, you send the bad one in, they send you a replacement)

you need to call Apple’s customer support line (800-767-2775) and explain what happened, try to get the tech to give you a CS code (Customer Satisfaction code) for warranty coverage…

unfortunately, knowing Apple as I do, they’re going to probably decline warranty coverage…

Hmmm. Thanks, MacTech. As far as we can tell, it wasn’t dropped or anything, so we’re puzzled. I took DxZero’s advice, and wrote in to their customer support thing, and they said that the repair would most likely be covered under warranty.

But if you suggest calling in, then we’ll do that today.

Good to know they’re taking care of it, in my experience, it’s extremely rare for Apple to replace a device with a broken LCD, I still reccomend phoning them and getting a CS code, as it guarantees that Apple will cover the repair under warranty…

I’ve had situations where an Apple tech support rep has told the customer that the repair would be covered under warranty, only to find out they decided to decline coverage once the device had been inspected, in this situation, they needed the customer to okay an out-of-warranty repair before they would proceed, the customer was NOT happy with Apple to say the least…

had the customer gotten a CS code in the first place, they wouldn’t have been in that situation…

just a heads-up, try to get a CS code as a “C.Y.A.” event, i’ve never seen Apple decline a CS code repair