Broken record - I hate FOX News

Aside from the normal “fox news is a republican mouth piece” crap that pisses me off, and aside from the never printing a single thing on the train wreck that is the Palin family (and yet spend page after page on Lyndsy Lohan)… now they are just simply re-writing history!

My god… the URL says it all. My outrage is such at this point that I have truly and well run out of adjectives to describe the shit staining, mouth breathing, un-American, fuck twats that work for that place. Uggg… im choking on outrage again…

You’ll have to help me out here, on account of how stupid I am: why is this an outrageous prevarication on behalf of Fox News?

In other news Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead!

Wow…so it turns out Katrina was an undocumented immigrant from somewhere beyond the Bahamas. And a (terrorist?) cell, no less!

Ditto. I mean, I haven’t researched how many millibars up or down pressure went at whatever given time, but in general I don’t see any of the normal Fox bullshit political twist.

I find it odd that on a story about Katrina no mention was made of the complete breakdown on the local/state/federal level when it came to evacuating or in the aftermath. FEMA was a joke and the president was on vacation. Seems if you are going to even take the time to write a story about Katrina you should do the whole story, no? Instead of a science paper on how a storm is formed.

I guess to be fair we should wait 5 years and see what Fox prints about the Gulf disaster. Maybe the headline will read “The oil spill nobody saw coming”. But instead I’m sure it will be “How Obama killed the Gulf”.

No, that headline will be, “How Obama (and his Parents and Hundreds of Others) Faked His Birth Certificate so 48 Years Later He Could Cause the Gulf Oil Spill in Order to Steal $20 Billion Dollars from BP to Buy Votes For the 2012 Election.”

That’s a fair enough point, I suppose, although I’m not sure how I should have gotten that just from the URL. I thought you were outraged that Fox was saying Katrina started out as a tropical depression.

I thought depression and other mental illnesses were just invented by liberals to get out of work, free convicted criminals and excuse child-molesting.

I’d generally be on board with a thread with this title, but you seem to have engaged in an extensive and exhaustive search through the Fox News archive to find the one single story that is least supportive of your rant. To wit:
-This is the first of a series of articles, as pointed out in the first paragraph. Presumably they’re starting with a science paper about how it was formed, and will move on to the various other aspects of the story of interest. If they get through the entire week without once mentioning that the Bush administration proved less than expert at handling the situation, you’ll have a point.
-What’s wrong with having a news story that covers the science? Must every single article cover every single angle of political, social, and economic ramifications?
-With so many blatantly politically biased stories to pick on, why complain about the one that is completely without political content at all?

In short, why not go outside and play ball with a young neighborhood child, or walk a dog?

I’ll jump in as well.

I hate fox as much as the next Obama voter, but this is a scientific article under the “SciTech” tab of the Fox News website. I actually found it to be quite informative.

Did you miss these headlines:

Nicks and Dents in ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Program?
No. 2 Democrat in Senate Invokes Bush on Mosque Debate
Big Potential for Republican Governor, Redistricting Wins

So the fact that a) the first article in a series doesn’t actually tell the entire story, and b) Fox has the gall to title it “Hurricane Katrina Began as Unassuming Tropical Depression” is enough to spike your outrage such that you “have truly and well run out of adjectives to describe the shit staining, mouth breathing, un-American, fuck twats that work for that place”?

Do you honestly need an explanation as to why this is in the running for the dumbest OP of the year?

ETA: Oh, yeah, and next time Shodan or Rand Rover or magellan or whoever goes into a whole “literaltards hate Fox News because they have no critical thinking skills” spiel, he’s going to use this thread as an example, and he’ll be right. So thanks a lot for that.

Oh, it’s nowhere near the worst. I guess you haven’t seen the “I am a racist” thread, or “Ask the person who hates Jews”, or …

Did you actually read the bolded thread?

Exactly. Which means that Dob, here, is a hyper-partisan dumbbell.


Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Split…

Except of course that he’ll be wrong, since, the OP aside, pretty much every other liberal poster has failed to slavishly and hive-mind-ishly agree with the OP. Myself included.

This is a stupid OP. Even though I hate Fox News passionately, this criticism of them is misplaced.

Sooo… the second in the series then would be today sometime? Is it this gem?

I wouldn’t say i’m hyper-partisan… I just hate fox more than others simply because they put “news” in their name and people lend them more credibility than it deserves. If it was called “Fox Opinion” I wouldn’t care a whit what they do.

Dumbbell? eh… perhaps. But them I’m not posting in a forum called “Genius Pit”. If I was then maybe someone would bitch and moan about me in a another forum.

This is in the Science and Technology section, something called the Planet Earth series. You’re surprised that they are talking about the mechanics of hurricane development(in the first piece) and steering (in the second piece) instead of the more political less-than-ideal response of the Feds (Republican) and State and Local (Democrat) administrations?

No shit? Seek help.

Dob, you’re a moron. Go out for a walk and don’t come back for two or three weeks, please.