Bronchopneumonia vs Regular pneumonia vs bronchitis

What’s the difference between bronchopneumonia, pneumonia, bronchitis?

Bronchitis is inflammation affecting the breathing tubes which are also known as bronchioles.

Pneumonia is inflammation affecting the little air sacs (called alveoli) that are found at the end of the smallest diameter breathing tubes or bronchioles.

Bronchopneumonia involves both.

Here’s a picof the relevant anatomy.

Note that infection is just one type of inflammation. In other words, not all pneumonia is infectious, and likewise nor is all bronchitis.

ETA: In clinical practice, the term bronchopneumonia is seldom used (in my experience).

Small nit - the breathing tubes allegedly inflamed in bronchitis are the bronchi, not the bronchioles. The bronchioles are littler tubes between the bronchi and the alveoli. Inflamation of them as the prime location is common in children, especially this time year, often triggered by the germ RSV (Respiratory Synycitial Virus) and is called bronchiolitis.