"Brootherhood" on SHOWTIME

I didn’t see a thread for this… Anyone watching? I recorded the first episode on Sunday and watched it last night. It looks like a low-grade Sopranos with some politcal twists thrown in for good measure. I liked it, and being originally from R.I. it was cool to see that it was mostly shot on location.

My husband and I watched the first episode, and although we weren’t bowled over by it, we intend to watch again. I love Jason Isaacs, and would probably tune in just to see him stare at the camera and do nothing, so I’m easily pleased. Fionnula Flanagan was, great, as always. You don’t see many 65-year-old women with that much oomph.

Hubby was a bit “meh” about this show. I think he was expecting something more Sopranoesque.