'Brothers and Sisters': worth watching?

UK TV Staion C4 is about to start showing Brothers and Sisters in the UK. The adverts, and the Wikipedia article make it seem interesting. I get my most reliable feedback from the Dope though.

So, any US Dopers watch it? How good was it?

I’ve been watching it off and on since it started, and I like it. It’s got some good story lines, and is reasonably well-acted, IMO. Plus, Rob Lowe is still incredibly hot- hell, I’d watch him if he was just sitting there reading from the phone book. YMMV.

I really like it. I watched the whole thing online. If you decide to give it a try, be sure to catch the first couple of episodes. They really set up the storyline, and with such a huge cast, it might be hard to figure out who is who from the middle. After that, you can probably keep up without watching every episode.

I think the cast is great. It has a LOT of drama, but a lot of humor, too. Probably not for everyone, but worth watching once or twice to find out.

My wife watches it, I suffer through it and/or do some work on the computer while it’s on. I think it’s representative of the worst that TV has to offer. The situations they find themselves in and the dialogue is so completely implausable I’m rolling my eyes enough to cause headaches.