Browser and Norton no longer working together

Yesterday, I needed to perform a system recovery – which apparently resets all one’s software to a ‘factory installed’ condition (and reloads a bunch of crap that came with the computer, and throws away your Microsoft Office registration…but that’s another story).

So at the end of the recovery I had to go through the Internet setup process, and restart my Norton Internet Security, and download updates, etc etc.

And now I can no longer get a web browser going if Norton is running. If I disable Norton – no problem. If I enable Norton, the browser says it’s unable to make a connection. The problem happens with both Firefox and Internet Explorer (v 6)

I’m sure it’s some sort of firewall setting, but I can’t find anything in either the browser options or Norton’s options that seems related.

I’m running Windows XP, btw.

In the short term, I have Norton disable, but would rather have it doing its job. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!