Browser Problem--IE 5 shutting down

I have Internet Explorer 5 and have never had any real problems with it until today. Every time I try to type in a URL in the address window, an error message pops up saying that IE has performed an illegal operation and IE is immediately shut down. It doesn’t happen when I click on a link or select a website address from the pulldown list, only when I actually type an address in.

I tried shutting down and rebooting. I tried the Microsoft website for possible plugins or downloads but I couldn’t figure out what might help. Can anyone help?

Yes, actually, I just finished dealing with this problem, too.

  1. You can just drag the “Illegal Operations” window with its annoying big red X over to the edge of the screen and continue with whatever you were doing. Ignore it, in other words. It’s lying to you–IE doesn’t “immediately shut down” until you click on the X or “close”. The window will just sit there, and nothing else happens.

  2. I have no clue as to WHY this should happen. Mine was like yours, just one day it decided to start doing this.

  3. However, what fixed it at this end was telling it to quit trying to Search from the address bar. Go into Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, scroll down to “Search from the Address Bar” and click on “Do not search from the address bar”.

And if it’s a pain in the butt for you to lose your Search from the address bar function, as I said, you can just move the Illegal Operations window out of the way and get on with your life. Nothing changes. You can even continue to type in partial addresses in the address bar (because that’s what “Search from the address bar” means) and it will go get them like it’s supposed to. Evidently it can only threaten to shut down your Illegal Operation once, and then it’s done, and it’ll just sit there sulking.

I usually put it way down at the bottom, as far as it’ll go, so it’s just peeking out. Stupid thing. :rolleyes:

You didn’t say what operating system so it’s a guess.

Get IE 5.5 through windows update


For W98 run, you know get the run box from the start menu & in that box put: sfc this rules a system file checker. Do what it says.

I had that problem occasionally on my last install of windows. In that case, it was explorer crashing (ie the entire desk top). Since I have a dual monitor setup I’d usually just drag it to the other monitor and turn it off. :slight_smile:

Still, it’s best to reboot when that happens. Oddly enough it doesn’t show in my current configuration. Could disabling mdm (as I did because it’s incredibly unstable) have fixed it?

I’ll try that, but sometimes when it does this the illegal operations window closes itself (I guess–I didn’t click the X or close) after only a few seconds, and then IE follows suit.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Bummer. :frowning: Well, you can always trying reinstalling IE. To do this, you have to UN-install it first.

Back up all your e-mail addresses and Favorites folders first.

I’ve had similar with I.E 5.5 and Win Millenium.

It seems to be something to do with the modem, maybe it locks out or something I dunno.

It’s easy enough to remove I.E, it just goes back to version 4 and re-install.

It might be a good idea to re-install the modem drivers too.