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I realize the search function is slow. I also realize that many people are hesitant to use it due to slowing down the board. That’s all well and good. But is it really so much to ask that people make a quick pass through the forums to see if someone has posted a similar thread (especially for current affairs bits like the “Spiderman on bases” topic)?

Spiderman topics:

What are the Friends going to do now?:

The hell with that; it’s almost insignificant. Check this brand new user’s profile and then find all topics it has started. We gotta live one.

Ha, scamp, he’s live alright.
re: op: ctrl-f. “spider” enter enter enter.

Further research, such as it is, shows that scamp is just some asshole sock-puppeting to shit all over the boards and make work for the mods. I swear some people just have way too much fucking time and technology on their hands.
“Would you be interested in an orgy?”

OP reads: “Who would be interested in attending an anonymous orgy, like in Eyes Wide Shut? What if there were an ljanonymouslj meetup? A darkened hotel room in the middle of the country? Would you go? Would you participate, or just watch if you did go?”

I found the bolded part to be kind of odd, so I googled it, and it seems our friend
Scamp, has been taking threads from there and resubmitting them here.

And hey! It appears that scamp has an asshole buddy. Name of rogers. Also registered today; posted nine times; once in each of the nine threads started by scamp.


Sorry to hear you have to spend half the day chasing this guy around.

OTOH, while this guy is being rather immature and silly imho, it’s a genuine question - it’s fascinating to see what proportion of people WOULD do an orgy in theory, and not the sort of thing you can ask people IRL :slight_smile:

Back to the OP. Did you check to see if a thread like this has already been done?
I think it is human nature to not bother doing the background work, especially in this sort of forum. Also, we are essentially having conversations but in a non-oral format. When you have a conversation with ‘new’ people, you don’t check to see if they have had the same conversation before. If something comes into your head, you want to talk about it then and there.
For other communication methods, people still don’t want to do the background work, if students read signs or did their readings, life would be much easier for everyone. If people in airports/libraries etc etc read signs or followed instructions, everyone’s lives would be that much easier. I see some parallels here.

Yes, I did.

But the point is, it’s already being talked about - in the present tense rather than the past tense. I expect threads about “Could one Abrams tank have changed the course of the Civil War?” to appear once or twice a year. It’s annoying, and it could be remedied with a search, but it’s going to happen. Not everyone has access to search, and search is sometimes down or not working as thoroughly as you’d want.

But for multiple threads to appear over the course of two or three days about the exact same damned thing is entirely preventable without using the search function.

I think the biggest reason these dup threads happen is not because of people not using the search engine (but that would help too), but the fact that folks try to make clever titles, and not necessarily descriptive ones.

If I wanted to search for threads on the subject, I’d search for “spider” and “man” in the title. Guess what? Only one of the Spider-man threads in the OP would have come up.

I wish it weren’t too much to ask that people actually follow the rule to make thread titles that actually describe the thread, but it obviously is.

Hummm. It depends on which side it appeared and when. If it appeared in the middle of Pickett’s Charge and fought for the Confederacy, then maybe. But it’d run out of fuel and ammo eventually and I’m pretty sure a couple cannonballs would knock off a track. If nothing else, given some of the earthworks in the war, a tank trap wouldn’t be too difficult to build…


Munch New members can’t do searches. You can’t fault them for that. I think that’s a mistake on the Board’s part, since it makes much of the factual forums (Cecil’s Columns, Staff Reports, GQ) useless for people who are attracted to Cecil’s newspaper columns. In fact I’d bet the number of duplicate threads in all three of those fora triples in the coming month.

He isn’t faulting them for that. He’s faulting them for not looking to see if there is a current thread on the front page of the forum discussing the same topic.

Hey! Where’d the orgy thread go! :dubious:

UncleBeer decided they were bad and deleted them. I have to agree. There is far too much sex talk on this board. It’s just getting out of hand.

What do you know about it, borl?

And UncleBeer doesn’t have the word “Moderator” under his name, so he didn’t delete anything.

I just recently made a duplicate thread myself, (in a different forum though) about Crimson Room 2 (Veridan room). I searched for “Veridian Room” and didn’t find anything. I didn’t search for “Crimson Room” :frowning: Sorry. :o I’ll search a bit more extensively next time.

What’s to know? I had posted on that thread it was disgusting and now it’s gone. I found UncleBeer had panned it above, and he was a mod last time I noticed. If he’s not now, I’m sure he still pals with those who are who could fix it for him.