Thread topics you don't want to see again, at least for awhile

And yes I know this topic itself is a repeat, but it’s been about 6-9 months, so time for a revisiting.

  1. Worst commercials. Yeah, yeah, we all get to rag on Bob the Enzyte Man and the Geico Caveman-I get it. Wait until a brand new campaign of an extremely odious nature starts airing, then we can wind it all up again. And then someone inevitably posts a “Best Commercials” thread…

  2. With both the movie and the book now out for a month now, I think the Harry Potter discussions here have pretty much run their course for the moment.

Call me ThreadKiller™!

  1. Some politician did/said/thought something bad! aka CheneyBushRumsfeldGonzales
    The same posters saying the same thing and the same posters defending 'em.

  2. Hillary Clinton anything.
    Same reason.

  3. Global Warming anything.
    Same reason, except they’re usually started by guests who say the same thing as the last guest.

Beat to it by TOS.


Atheists vs. religious people.


Anything sequential.

Thread topics you don’t want to see again

That meta-thread stuff… gah.

(Oh, the irony.)


Was using the atom bomb against Japan a bad idea?

Why don’t people making x-rated movies get arrested for prostitution?

And doubly beat to it by TOS and BBS2k

Shoes on\ off indoors.

I’ve only been here a year, and it seems to be an almost permanent fixture.

My bad.

Had I ever noticed it before, I would not have made that mistake repeat itself.

Funny, I was going to mention that topic myself, once it was made clear that this is not a new discussion to the boards.

All of them.

Dude, that’s easy to fix. Just select the box next to “Ignore all threads”

You’ll get to read the stickies and forum descriptions for as long as you want, without the annoying thread titles getting in the way.

Just make sure to not accidentally put yourself on the ignore list, otherwise the Internet will explode.

  1. Tipping. No, not cows.

  2. Was I/Should I/Can I/Do you think I…? No.

“Why do women/men do ___?”

It’s always asked like there’s supposed to be one definite catch-all answer, but there just can’t be. All you can get are 20 people saying totally different things, leaving you exactly where you started.


Other People’s Bratty Children

Why Don’t Girls Like Nice Guys?

Indoor versus Outdoor Cats: A Duel to the Death

“ZOMG I shared airspace with a female! What now??”

A basically interesting topic that just seems to be posted anew every 6 months, year in, year out: Guys, what movies make you cry?

And a CS theme that I’m utterly sick of is anything that gives people an excuse to point out how elite and snobby and erudite they are by bashing popular things. (I’m proposing a new standard SDMB acronym: JBIPDMING, pronounced “jib-ip-ming”, which stands for Just Because It’s Popular Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Good.)