Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris ... who actually wins?

Its 40 pounds of body hair!!! :eek:

<hijack> What about Jet Li? That guy is super-ridiculus-fast.</hijack>

I’d probably take young Norris. The size and weight make up for the slight edge in quickness I think.

“This one time, someone dropped a spoon, and he killed the entire town!”

Ninjas are totally sweet.

I wouldn’t just bring a gun, I’d bring a lot of Evil Minions with guns. Unfortunately, Evil Minions can’t hit the broad side of a barn and they lead with their chins when they fight, so I’d prolly get my ass kicked anyway.

Thisi s totally off-topic, but Chuck Norris is in Nashville today signing his new book. The DJ on my radio station talked about when Norris came to town in the mid '80’s promoting the movie Delta Force. He interviewed Chuck then, and Chuck found out the DJ had a son who was in a coma. After the interviews, Chuck went with the DJ to the nursing home caring for the DJ’s teenaged boys and he stayed for 3 hours talking to the boy, because he’d heard that coma patients needed the stimulus. No TV cameras, no publicity, just a famous man taking time out of his busy schedule to help a father and son.

The son remained in the coma for 6 years before he eventually died. The poster Chuck gave him hung over his bed until he died.

That makes him a winner in my book.


BTW - my brother Rob worked out with Chuck’s brother Aaron when he (my brother) was in the SEAL teams. Aaron wanted my brother to come work with Chuck, because Rob was a martial artist and looked remarkably like Chuck at the time (I think Rob was better looking until his nose got broken so many times in fights). I think Aaron wanted him as a stand-in/stunt man. Rob didn’t take him up on the offer.

I had to deliberately restrain myself from saying that one time I saw him totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window.

I have heard many times that without refs and rules, virtually any fight will end up on the ground.

Is much known about either Lee’s or Norris’s respective grappling abilities? Lee’s history as a streetfighter (how well is this attested to, BTW?) would suggest that at worst he was an especially slippery guy to grapple with. But in an on-the-ground situation, Norris’s size advantage might come more into play.


Batman, if he’s prepared.
Thank you.

You may go now.


I can say with absolute certainty that Bruce Lee would win in a googlefight with Chuck Norris.


Norris. Norris was too much bigger. There IS a reason they have weight classes. Lee, pound for pound, was probably better.

And there is probably some 225 pound guy we never heard of that would beat either. The same way Chuckie Zito supposedly levelled Van Damme in that strip club.

Wonder how old Tex Cobb would do…

IIRC, it was Fist of Fury where Bruce and Chuck duke it out in the Roman Collesium.

Bruce had impressive ground techniques and was a master of sticky hands. No idea how Chuck fares in those areas.

In a real fight, speed and quickness will overcome 40 pounds. Come on, we’re talking about who can break who’s knee first and not boxing

Impressive Fnord technique, grasshopper.

Actually, “Return on the Dragon.”

It’s important to remember that Norris’ championships pre-dated the full contact era.

Another key fact: Norris was one of Lee’s students.

Another: Lee said the best “street fighter” he had ever seen was North Carolinan Joe Lewis. Superfoot Wallace was another (full contact) rink fighter. In a street fight, a street fighter will have a distinct advantage.

[QUOTE=Carnac the Magnificent!]
Actually, “Return on the Dragon.”


Return OF the Dragon. :smiley:

I mentioned him before, but he seems to have passed unnoticed:

Benny “The Jet” Urquidez. Mean as a snake, brutal in the ring, and look at the record:

[li]Black Belts in 9 different styles[/li][li]Professional fighting record: 200-0[/li][li]Title defense record: 63-0, with 57 knockouts[/li][li]Six World Championships in five weight divisions for 24 consecutive years.[/li][li]“The Jet” is the longest reigning World Champion of all Professional Sports in history[/li][/ul]

Best kickboxer ever. He had a spinning back kick that was so fast you could hardly see it, and the impact from it would make you go ‘oomph’ in sympathy with the guy who just got hit. He ended fights with that kick on numerous occasions.

Special trivia bonus: He was the ‘hitman’ who tried to kill John Cusack in the school in “Grosse Pointe Blank”.

Benny Urquidez also won one of the first “NHB” tournaments in Hawaii, beating a guy named Goodridge (IIRC) who outweighed him by seventy pounds in the finals. This was back in the seventies.


All this talk of Bruce Lee’s street-fighting cred, any proof?

Well, he is alleged to have broken Bob Wall’s ribs with a kick while sparring with him during the filming of Enter the Dragon. Bob Wall was a point tournament champion. Lee was also boxing champion of Hong Kong as a younger man. He also kept a diary of the street fights he got in while living in Hong Kong and studying wing tsun.

Nobody is invincible, and no doubt he looked better fighting in movies than he would have IRL. And he never fought any grapplers that I know of, so I suspect he might have been just as surprised as the strikers were in the first several UFCs. There is almost no mention of ground fighting in Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do, or any of the rest of his works.

I read an anecdote in Black Belt magazine where Lee was asked what he would do if confronted with an opponent who began a fight by sitting down on the ground, as the old Fusen jujutsu-ka did in a famous 1900 tournament in Japan. Lee said he would walk away.

I suspect Lee was genuinely good. Not as good as he appeared in the movies, but nobody ever is.