Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris ... who actually wins?

I’ve heard arguments on this topic for some time now. First of all, did Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee ever fight in real life?

If they did, is it humanly possible that Bruce Lee was beaten? The man was a superhuman force, succumbing only to allergic reactions. Is it possible that the Texas Ranger going by the handle “Walker” actually took him down?

I think not, but I need confirmation or I need to be postively rebuffed. I know this is the place to ask, so please…a little help?

Thank you.


Since the martial arts are self defense, any actual fighting between the two would violate the Prime Directive for one or both of them.

Norris began the Walker, Texas Ranger role 20 years after Lee died.

Here’s a link to a discussion from about a month ago on this very topic:

No clear conclusions, but Norris was apparently a lot tougher than people give him credit for.

A fight between Norris and Lee with both in their prime might have been closer than you’d think.

No way, both are great fighters. But I can’t imagine Chuck beating Bruce.

Bruce is about three times as quick as Chuck is… Or at least it seems that way to me. I have no cite to back this claim up.

/Avid fan of the Green Hornet.

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In their prime, both were excellent. Lee was incredibly fast, Norris was extremely strong with perfect technique. One had a great roundhouse, the other had the prettiest spin kick I’ve ever seen. However, in his youth, Norris practically owned the tournaments. This gave him more experience against a wider variety of fighters. Lee may have been a little faster, but Norris was/is a very smart fighter. If they had ever faced each other in a tournament, it would have been awful close. Their big fight scene in one movie is still considered one of the best ever filmed, and a real fight would have probably looked just like that… brutal efficiency, mind blowing power, technical excellence from both of them. It would be too close for me to place any bets either way.

What movie, SteveG1?

Oops nevermind, I found it in the other thread. Here’s a crazy tidbit:

Chuck wins, since Bruce is already dead.

I tend to lean toward Lee wining. Norris was a great tournament fighter, but how was he when the refs are gone? Probably not as good. TKD sparring is limited on what you can and cannot do. ie No punching to the face. By all accounts, Lee fought alot of street fights in Hong Kong.

Well, if there would be no rules to the fight except to win, it would be probabably boil down to who is the better shot. Neither of thes guy were idiots – wouldn’t YOU bring a gun if you were fighting either of them? I sure as hell would.

Wow that would be a good fight, Chuck Norris is definitely no push over and Bruce Lee if he won would not get an easy victory. I would root for Norris because so many people make the mistake of thinking he would be the underdog in the fight.

My money is on Norris, for a simple reason: He outweighed lee by about 40 lbs. Lee was a very small man, and weight and reach are a big deal. Just ask a boxer who tries to move up in weight classes, even though he may be only moving up 10 lbs or so.

One unknown factor is how mean Chuck Norris was vs Lee. Lee was a reknowned street fighter in China who got in scraps all the time. He also famously was challenged by an extra on the set of ‘Enter the Dragon’, and beat him senseless. Norris was a great tournament fighter, but that doesn’t mean much when it comes to a knock-down street fight. So Lee might have an edge there.

But then, for all I know Norris was mean as a snake himself, so it’s an unknown.

Anyway Joe Lewis probably beats them both. Not at the same time, though.

What we need is to go back and collect all these guys in their prime and hold a UFC style winner take all tournament. Throw in Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, and Benny “The Jet” Urquidez.

How about Mortal Combat? :slight_smile:

David Carradine, laughing all the way to the bank.

How about a lumberjack or cage match? :eek:

Lee was better by far, in technique, smoothness, and strength. His reactions and movements against whoever he faced consistently demonstrated a natural intelligence that never faltered. He could adapt and improvise in a way that Norris simply could not and still cannot.

We are talking about acting, right?

I gotta go wid Ditka.

I’d give the fight to Harry Caray.

Since this is the internet and all, I do have to point out that Lee was simply incapable of being defeated. Bruce Lee in his lifetime beat up thousands of men women and children, most of them at the same time, receiving only a small cut on his upper lip for his troubles, which did not bleed. A 40 story building, a shipload of iron ore, and a Boeing B-29 Superfortress once challenged Bruce Lee to a four-way death match; none was ever heard from again. Bruce Lee is widely regarded by most paleontologists to have traveled back in time and beat up the dinosaurs, causing their extinction. Bruce Lee soundly defeated the color brown. Pangea is believed to have separated after it lost a bet against Bruce Lee.

On the other hand, a 40 pound weight difference is pretty significant…