Bruno: Did you see, what did you think?

I just saw Bruno. I have to say that I expected much better than what was delivered. This film was over scripted and did not have the gonzo feel that Borat did. So, dopers, what did you think? I’ll add more of my opinion later, but my girlfriend is already nagging beause she really, really did not like it (although she laughed). Guess I shoulda saw The Hangover…

I saw it tonight. I thought it was reasonably amusing and fast moving. Nothing as funny as the naked wrestling scene in Borat, but nothing that really dragged or became unwatchable either. It was more scripted than Borat, and there was less baiting of the unsuspecting, but the scenes that were unscripted mostly worked. I thought the test screening of the talk show was pretty funny.

Warning to anyone thinking of bringing the kiddies: The R rating is VERY hard – like I can’t believe this got an R-rating hard.

Haha, you said “hard.”

Anyway, I was laughing the entire time. Not a great movie, but it kept me entertained. I completely lost it when he fell through the window.

Yes Diogenes, my girlfriend and I also both agreed the R rating was…surprising. It could have easily been NC-17. However, it probably does not matter what it is rated since the crowd was full of 16 and 17 year olds anyways. I thought the talk show screening was pretty damn good. I also liked his improvisation when it came to furnishing his interview spot with “Mexican Furniture.”

In Borat, it seemed like he was saying “the jokes on you, America.” In that alone he almost achieved something even if the movie was pointless. I did not get that feel about Bruno.

Yes, the window scene was great. She was really beating the shit out of him with that belt. Him hanging out with the “men’s men” in Alabama was damn good too.

I liked it. I agree that there was a lot more scripted material in Bruno than in Borat, but the scripted material was “fresher” in Bruno and didn’t seem as obvious as in Borat. I think the naked romp in Borat was the single, laughing-to-tears moment in that film, while Bruno actually had more than one (the focus group screening and the swinger party).

I know that, ultimately, it’s a movie and that SBC and the film makers wouldn’t really put Bruno into life threatening situations, but often throughout the film I sat either stunned or breathless at the sheer recklessness of what I was seeing. The footage in the ME, particularly Lebanon, comes to mind. I actually logged into the SD at this late hour to see if anyone could shed any light as to if those scenes were staged or not.

I generally love raunchy humor - I loved Borat, I love South Park, etc. Nothing can really ruffle me. But even I found it a little disturbing at times. I noticed a few couples that walked out of the theater. Definitely a lot of stuff in there just for shock value: close-up of a swinging cock for 30+ seconds, hardcore gay sex with just a tiny black circle over the point of penetration, etc. Add me to the list of people surprised it even got an “R” rating when movies have been slapped with NC-17 for so much less.

And of course a lot of it is staged, as people have mentioned, which detracts from the humor. That being said, there were still some pretty funny parts. As a whole though not nearly as funny as Borat.

Might not want to take a first date to this one either…

I dunno… the Hasidic Jews chasing him looked pretty real.

Loved it. Mostly I was looking to see a little mocking of the redneck culture that I am all too familiar with, and in this way it certainly delivered.

I can understand how some people may not be quite as excited this time around since it is certainly not as fresh as Borat was, In fact this one pretty much followed the exact same plot formula as the last one. I do find it interesting though that people keep saying that they found it to be more scripted than Borat was. If anything I think this one has less scripted moments. I have been browsing the net for reactions from the duped and I’ve been surprised to find that even a few scenes that I suspected may have been staged (Paula Abdul, the talent agent) were apparently genuine. And yes the Middle East interviews are supposedly very real.

Whereas Borat had the naked wrestling and the fake prostitute and all that, the only real staged gag from Bruno I can recall (other than things that are obviously written) is the dominatrix lady. Maybe I’m wrong, but I wonder if people are correctly recalling Borat when they make that comparison.

Also, you have to admire the organization of the public spectacles this one has, especially that climactic scene. That scene alone is worth the price of admission.

Let me just add these amazing production notes that give insight into how many of the stunts were pulled off. This demonstrates just how brave Baron Cohen is, he was often in very real danger.

Thanks for the link CyclopticXander - now that is fascinating. Much respect for Charles and Cohen and the rest of the production team: I thought for sure the cage scene was staged. I am truly shocked to learn that it was not and what they went through to get that footage.

Bruno made the cover of our local paper because a scene was filmed here.

I haven’t decided if it’s worth going to see the movie just for that one scene. But I have done my share of counter-picketing against the WBC, back in the day, and we mocked them then. Maybe I’ll wait to see if it comes out in the second run theater.

In the documentary “This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated” they mentioned that a lot of times when filmmakers first send movies like this to the ratings board, they’ll include a lot of even-more gratuitous scenes that they have no intention of using in the final cut. When the board sends the movie back, inevitably with an NC-17, the filmmakers will take those scenes out (or maybe insert a tiny black bar in a few), so that when they appeal they can say they cut out so many minutes.
I imagine that’s probably what happened here,

I saw that doc - it’s still laughable how ridiculously inconsistent the ratings board is.

I’m also surprised this thread has generated so pathetically little interest, considering Bruno shot up to the #1 movie in America this weekend. Guess Dopers are above this kind of shtick.

Oh my sweet Jesus. This is a really shocking and funny movie. If you loved Borat, this is right up there with it. It’s almost guaranteed to offend you at some time its playing. I look forward to the deleted scenes.

Yes, that is a fascinating link, CyclopticXander. I haven’t seen Bruno yet but I can’t help but I can’t help but suspect that a film of *The Making of Bruno *as described here would be truly jawdropping stuff.

Is it only me that had a huge problem about not knowing whether a scene used actors or real people?

It definitely makes you wonder. CyclopticXander’s link above offers some good insight into at least a few scenes in the movie which were “real”, including: the fashion show, the hunting guys from Alabama, the Middle East stuff including the terrorist interview, the boot camp scene, and the cage scene at the end. Also here’s a link which mentions the Paula Abdul interview as also being “real” (as in, she was not expecting it. They told her publicist she was receiving a German “Artist of the Year” award).

I am still curious about the baby parents scene: I can totally imagine parents being that willing to put their child into anything as long as it will get them on screen but he took it really far. Also the focus group people - were they real as well? The more I learn about the movie the more it seems it was not very staged at all, despite having that “staged” feel everyone is talking about (and even I came away with that feeling). Obviously the pygmy lover and the assistant Lars were actors, and probably the dominatrix.

What about that scene in the commercials where he puts the baby with him on the scooter, takes off into traffic, and is nearly hit by a car? Was that staged, or was he really that close to killing the kid?

I’m pretty confident the kid was a doll, also, the car was a plant.

And yes, I read somewhere (here, even?) that the dominatrix is actually an actress, often starring in similar porn roles.

Even so it looked like she was really whacking him good.