Bruno Ganz Dead

Sad news. Der Himmel über Berlin remains one of my most favourite films. Synchronicity: Herzog’s *Nosferatu *was being projected as backdrop while I was clubbing last night. It’s a pity most people will only know him from the Hitler memes.

I found him very affecting in Wim Wenders’ The American Friend and Wings of Desire. A very talented man. RIP.

Obligatory IMDb link.

To me, he hit his stride in the late 80s. Strapless, Love of a Woman, etc.

Sadly, he’s going to remembered for the Hitler Rant thing. Great performance turned into a meme.

Wings of Desire is brilliant. And I’m glad I saw Downfall before it got memed to death. (Though I did like a lot of the Hitler memes.)

How long before we see “Hitler reacts to death of Bruno Ganz”?

Here you go. It isn’t what I was expecting. Kind of a moving tribute.

And here’s a clip with Peter Falk.

Aw, I really loved Wings of Desire. It made City of Angels seem worse by comparing them. Even Andre Braugher couldn’t save that turkey.

I first noticed him in Downfall. Fine actor; unique and special.

From my review of Downfall on IMDB:

RIP Mr. Ganz; you done good.