Bryan Singer, come on down

You are the latest in a long line of directors to be attached to a new Superman movie. ‘X-Men’ director signs for ‘Superman’.

What do you think? Singer is a decent director, but granted he has had some good scripts to work with. If a good script does come up I think that BS could be the right guy for the job.

Dude, have you seen that list?

X-Men 3
Logan’s Run

Now, I admit I’m of the opinion that Logan’s Run doesn’t need a remake being perfect as it is…but it could be pretty good.

So give the man a trifecta for fanboy GODHOOD right there. The X-Men movies were both really good and I dug ‘Apt Pupil’, too. I thought ‘The Usual Suspects’ was dull and highly overrated (I fell asleep early, actually), though.

So given his track record I can’t think of a better guy for the gig. And the fact that he’s replacing the guy who directed 'Charlies Angels just makes it better.

While Sam Raimi has proven himself THE best comic-book-movie director with Spidey 2, Bryan Singer comes in a strong second. Both the X-Men films have been good, and Singer knows how to keep the tone from becoming too tongue-in-cheek. He also likes to choose his own writers, and picks them well. I think he’s a great choice for Superman, but I am concerned that this will lock him out of X3. He’s done such a good job with the X-Men series that I’d rather see him make a great X3 (and 4) than a new Superman film. I mean, we’ve got the freakin’ PHOENIX story coming up in X3! Now ain’t the time to switch directors!

Someone needs to go back and rewatch Batman. :slight_smile:

As for Singer’s qualifications, I don’t know. One of the great things about the X-Men movies was how human the story was. And although I dug Spider Man 2, a vast majority of the people I know didn’t like it because it focused too much on that aspect (the humanity of the superhero). Singer’s great with that aspect, but if he tries to bring that to Superman, I just don’t think it’s going to work. Superman needs to be super. Not dealing with insecurities and prosecution…he needs to be flying around, stoping floods, rescuing kittens, stopping buildings from crushing babies, and fighting giant robots from outerspace.

I think the director needs to be someone with more of a superhero vision.

I just wish DC Comics wasn’t just another property of Warner Brothers. The main reason the Marvel films have been generally so good is the fact that Marvel decided to take control of their own properties.

That said, Bryan Singer is good, and he’s apparently bringing the writers of X-Men 2 (Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris) with him to Metropolis. I just hope Singer’s deal with WB has an escape clause. For example, if they don’t have a lead actor by a certain date, Singer is free to go do other things if he so chooses. That way, if WB continues to stumble with the project, Singer won’t get tied up doing nothing when he could be doing X-Men 3 and/or Logan’s Run.

And I personally believe there’s some merit behind remaking a lot of sci-fi films like Logan’s Run, what today’s advances in special effects and the like. Although I like Logan’s Run, I have to admit that the sets and special effects do taint its legacy as a “classic”. But I do love that wonderful scene in the ice tunnel where they decide to remove their wet clothes (a smart decision), only to put them back on moments later. :confused: I wonder if we’d get that “obligatory female nudity” in a remake? :smiley:

X-Men? Logan*'s Run?* Coincidence? :dubious: Maybe Singer wasn’t planning on doing a remake of Logan’s Run. Maybe that was just the cover story for the Wolverine solo-film. :slight_smile: Seriously though, I suspect we’ll see a Wolverine solo-film before we see a fourth X-Men film. Van Helsing was definitely a setback in Hugh Jackman’s career. Wolverine may be the only good role he’s able to get for a while.


Gee, remember when all DC-based movies totally rocked, and the best Marvel could do was Dolph Lundgren as The Punisher? :eek:

Anyway, I gotta go with Winston Bongo here; Sam Raimi has proven that he can nail the essence of a comic-book hero. Dunno if he can expand his range beyond Spider-Man, but the two Spider-movies are so close to the ideal of the original character that nothing else comes close. Singer’s X-Men are great for treating the subject seriously, but in terms of characterization and depth, he still doesn’t have Raimi’s skill yet. Whether that’s a problem with the writer or the producer is another matter.

Still, Singer doing Superman ought to be a good thing, though I admit I wonder what Kevin smith could do if given free rein…

Singer with Smith’s script?

Yes, I remember all those DC-based movies. Four Batman films, four Superman films, two Swamp Thing films, Steel and Supergirl. I’d say four of those were quite decent. (I’ll let you figure out which four.)

Granted, most of Marvel’s pre-Blade films were pretty bad, but they didn’t have a Batman or Superman to sell. And they ended up making the smart decision to stop offering their properties up to others and create their own studio. (DC couldn’t do that to the same effect, since they themselves are owned by a studio.)

Since Blade (which was more than decent; as was it’s first sequel - and likely it’s second), Marvel has put out a number of other films. Daredevil and The Punisher (v2) were flawed but hardly terrible. Hulk is debatable. (But I don’t really want to debate it. :wink: ) And the X-Men and Spider-Man films were excellent.

Catwoman is not a good start for DC’s new wave of comic book films. (Yes, I’m disregarding the Men in Black movies. The first was great; the second was the typical “bad Hollywood sequel”.) I’m hopeful that I’ll like Constantine as a film on its own, regardless of how fans of the character react. And Batman Begins has promise.

Superman? I can wait… some more. :wink:

How many Dark Horse films have there been so far? *Barb Wire. :eek: From Hell. :slight_smile: Hellboy. :smiley: The Mask. :slight_smile: Timecop. :slight_smile: Virus. (Never saw it.) * Anything else?


In what dimension is Blade II a good movie? IMO, the first Punisher was a better movie.

In the end superhero movies all come down to the script. At least that is the way it has been lately. The people who wrote the X-Men and Spiderman scripts seem to have had a good grasp of the material. In that situation a decent director can make a good film. Of course you can look at Batman & Robin and Batman Forever as to what happens when there is a shitty script and too much reliance on FX and ‘star power’.