Bryan Singer (probably) dropping X3 to direct Superman... *sigh*

And, most likely, taking two of the bigger X2 screenwriters with him.

Well, fortunately, screenwriters can work on multiple projects more easily than directors, so there’s still a good chance that X3’s script will have that continuity and quality from the last two. But as someone with little interest or history with Superman, and much with X-Men, I can’t help but be a little depressed… If it turns out that he indeed can’t do X3, Fox had better not screw up the new director (and/or writer) choice. I’d almost rather wait for him to finish Superman in that case.

Bryan! Come back to us!


  1. Don’t get too much hope in Singer actually directin Superman. That title has changed so many hands by now it’s surprising it doesn’t have a venereal disease.

  2. By all accounts, Bryan Singer is very dedicated to the material, and I doubt he’d drop X-men - which is right in the middle of a pretty complex plot that HE knows how to present - in favor of something that may or may not happen.

  3. Chances are Supesy is gonna be delayed, AGAIN, for the umpteenth time.

Now, this is FAR better news for the Supes franchise than a few years back, when Keanu was being considered for the role (AND SUPERMAN DROWNED!!), but it’s like the much fabled Duke Nukem Forever… I just can’t be excited about it anymore until something more concrete starts to show.

A link to my earlier, and therefore better, thread on this.

Ah, but your thread is an analysis of Singer’s qualifications for the Superman job, and whether he’d be able to make a good movie out of it.

MINE complains about this news’s consequences on the franchise I really care about, the X-Men movies, and therefore much more significant than yours. Unless you wanted me to hijack your thread, mine is different enough to rate its own thread.


I’m a little upset as well. The *X-Men * movies are the pinnacle of the genre so far in my opinion. Both movies were superb and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the third but will be very disappointed if Singer is indeed gone and *X3 * winds up becoming X-Men Forever.

I’m with SPOOF here. Superman is a cursed movie, and I can’t see Singer giving up a sure thing to advance a storyline he’s already brought so far just to fiddle around with such a mess. He’s got a sure thing with X-Men 3. Unless he’s getting bored with movies and feels the need to take the risk, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Since this story broke, I’ve seen news bits on this three times in last twelve hours. Twice on local news, too.

Sorry to bump this, but it hasn’t been all that long, and I just had to sob in mortal agony over this story.

wails in unimaginable pain

What’s the take this new Superman movie would would have? Would they re-con it into something more movie friendly or stick to the material ? If they stick to the material will it be a slice o’ super life, or will it be an origin story beginning in Krypton? Does DC have in say in this script or have they sold the rights?

Something tells me there was some motivational reason that he is happy to abandon X3. It can’t be as simple as it appears - especially if he’s picking up a rival-comic, rival-studio superhero movie (that appears to be riddled with constant problems) that does not really need another take on it. There’s got to be something happening behind the scenes that really bothers Singer for him to abandon Fox and X3 this way.

Y’know, that’s a good point I should clarify… At this point, I don’t think I care how much better the Superman movie will be, although it being good would certainly reduce the pain, because at least then it won’t have been for nothing. It’s just that X3 might be worse, or maybe even nonexistent, because of this, and THAT sends me into waves of grief!

Even more insulting: Singer is more willing to do Logan’s Freaking Run before X3! (Granted, it’s only because I believe both are being done by WB, but still.)

Here’s some more info. Interesting re DC. I never realized they had been bought by WB.

Warners finally gets it right! SUPERMAN RETURNS! The Confirmed Details Spill To Earth!

Even more reason to loathe Superman.

There are good things about America, and there are bad things.

One of the bad things is that someone can write like Harry and become a success.

I think this belongs in the “signs of the coming apocalypse” thread. Right after the story about “Jurassic Park IV” having teenage mutant Raptor supersoldiers.
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I swear, they had better get someone who will treat this material like it deserves, or there is going to be HELL TO PAY.

Hell, Joss Whedon has publicly expressed interest, and folks trust him. Get him! GET HIM NOW!