Superman Returns June 30, 2006

I’m going to be there opening night…I hope it’s not disappointing. Superman was my hero growing up, and I’m so excited.

Are you going to go see it? Any predictions? How will Brandon Routh stand up to Christopher Reeve?


Oh, and allow me to add that it will be directed by Bryan Singer, who we all know did the X-Men movie and X-2. Kevin Spacey’s also playing Lex Luthor. Not bad.


:dubious: <-------- (This reflects my current attitude up until I see this movie myself, which I’m in no great rush to do. Odd how, like KING KONG last year, there’s no pre-buzz yet…)

I’d probably feel a lot better if the first trailer for the new movie wasn’t just all scenes, dialogue and music from the original movie.

I thought the dialogue was the only thing from the original - all the other images are from the new one.

Although I probably won’t see it opening night, I’m definitely going to see Superman Returns. I’m a huge fan of Superman and Superman II (not so much of *III * and *IV * – not at all, actually), but I’m probably more excited about this being a Bryan Singer movie that happens to be a take on Superman. Singer’s a comic book fan who knows how to make hugely entertaining movies – that’s a rare combination.

In reading descriptions of footage that was played at Sho West, it sounds like Brandon Routh “channels” Christopher Reeve. While I like Reeve’s performances as Superman, I hope that Routh is allowed to play Superman rather than imitate Reeve.

I think Kevin Spacey will make an outstanding Lex Luthor – and I like the fact that Spacey and Singer have worked previously.

It’ll make big ol’ buckets of money.

I’m chock-full of “Eh.”
Maybe I’ll rent ot or something, but Supes has never been of much interest to me.

“Come, watch the trials and tribulations of the guy who Can’t Possibly Lose.”

Yeah. Exciting.

I gotta say, it seems like by jumping ship to Superman it feels like Bryan Singer has let down both franchises. I don’t see any way that the new Superman will be the equal of the old 70’s ones (the costume updates just call attention to the ridiculousness of the Superman costume rather than paying homage to the iconic status it holds) and there’s no way Brett Ratner will do as well on the new X-men movie, which has already been given a bland marketing subtites (The Last Stand).

So count me as a major “enh” for Superman Returns and the same for X-men 3, even though you didn’t ask about that one.

I liked the look of it from what little I saw in the trailer.

Isn’t that 99% of movies, though?

I mean most people didn’t sit through ten hours of Lord of the Rings because they were afraid Frodo might not succeed.

It’s what happens along the way. That the good guys are going to win is pretty much a given.

I am more curious to see what they do with Clark Kent. When the last movies came out, the comic version of Kent was a lot different than the one of modern day.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints, mainly from people who fell in love with the Reeve movies and so will have a hard time putting this up against Routh, who I feel sorry for BTW. It’s a role that many actors would kill for, yet he’s a relative nobody who’s been showered with fame and attention. No new trailers yet, which is odd and frustrating, and the new costume has few fans. Little S’s on the boots? Ugly.

I’ll go see it with an open mind (there are people complaining that Routh’s hair parts on the wrong side, for pete’s sake) but I think they’ll have a much tougher uphill climb than they might have thought instead of just letting it coast on the name till opening day.

Writing good Superman stories is hard, much harder than good Batman stories (though Superman/Batman stories are great AND easy!), so I’ll remain skeptical on this one. The original Superman movie plots coasted mostly on being new, but in the modern era they are pretty corny (and I’m only talking about 1 and 2: everything from then on was forgettably terrible).

I’d love to see a live-action Superman/Batman teamup flick helmed by Paul Dini and his crew. They could even remake their cartoon “World’s Finest” which was lots of fun. The tension over Bruce Wayne romancing Lois to the jealously of a more clumsy and alien Clark is actually a fantastic refreshining of the whole alter-ego theme, just genius.

Frodo did not succeed.

Good points. Upon reflection, I would hate the film that focused much more on Supes than Clark.

Lois can make Clark’s ass sleep on the couch, but Supes wins by definition as the Most Powerful Guy who can Do Anything.

Meh. I’ll not take up any more bandwidth on something not in the OP.


I’m holding out until they produce a Superman movie based on this.

Eh, details, details. He was tasked with taking the ring to Mt. Doom to destroy it and he took the ring to Mt. Doom and…it was destroyed. :smiley:

Haven’t decided, myself.

On the one hand, as a part-time comic-book geek, I’d like to see this.

On the other hand, I haven’t seen anything yet to indicate this will be a fun ride. The look of the new Superman costume still bugs me, and the “Lois gets married and raises a kid” bit strikes me as odd.

Why didn’t WB just relaunch the Superman storyline, the way Batman Begins did?

(And I’m a tad worried about what to do if my son wants to see this, simply because the movie is rated PG-13…)

I just hope a giant spider shows up.
'cause, y’know, the spider is the most fearsome predator in the insect world.

Superman needs to be a ripped mesomorph, not a beefed-up ecto like whazzitsname. And what’s with the lower-riser tighty reddies?

Anyone other than the angst-ridden Nicolas Cage, please!