Superman cast!

And it’s Henry Cavill (who you may know as Charles Brandon from The Tudors).

I think that’s a good bit of casting. The guy from *True Blood *would have been good, too, but I’m OK with this.

Now I guess he goes on the Hollywood 6-month workout program. Hopefully his American accent is good!

Wait, they’re making another Superman movie? Didn’t we just have one, that was a relative flop?

They’ve been planning a major reboot for ages.

Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) is directing.

Jesus, that’s horrible news. Superman gets 300ized? Seriously?

Same thing happened to the Hulk, the reboot sucked so bad they rebooted the reboot. Superman is too big a franchise to just let it die off on a flop.

From what I’ve heard, 300 was a relatively faithful retelling of the comic. It’s just that the comic 300ized history, and Snyder got the blame.

Christopher Nolan, producer of the most recent Batman films, has also been handed the Superman franchise. David S. Goyer, his writing partner from the Batman movies, is writing the script for the film, which is called Man of Steel, and which is expected to be released in December, 2012.

I think the opposite - both 300 and *Watchmen *show that Snyder can do comic book action sequences really well, which Superman movies have largely failed on to this point.

In both cases, Snyder adapted a comic book almost exactly. While one may quibble with the plots and/or scripts of those movies, (I happened to like them, but still) he didn’t write them - he just put them on screen.

The script in this case is by David Gover (of Nolan’s Batman Begins/Dark Knight) franchise.

Okay, so who do we want for Lois Lane? Henry Cavill is 27, so you’d want someone around that age.

Mila Kunis? (she can play “plucky” well)

Morena Baccarin? (lots of geek cred)

Alison Brie? (mmm…)

Zooey Deschanel?

Emily Deschanel?

Megan Fox? (j/k)

Jenna Malone? (her dark hair in The Messenger–which I just watched last night–is the only reason I thought of her)

Who do you want to see? Or has anybody heard if the part has been cast already?

Elisha Cuthbert?

Oh yeah-he played Edmond’s son in The Count of Monte Cristo. Guess he’ll have to do an American accent, natch.

Huh. When I broke my arm I just had a plain plaster cast.

Ooh. Yes, please.

Ann Hathaway

Nobody wants to see Superman kill a cougar.

Actually, the main character moving while everything around him is either frozen or in slow motion - that’s pretty much exactly how Superman combat should be staged.

That workout program better involve steroids. That last guy was all wrong.

So this movie will be darker and dare I say it, Routh-less?

It’s not a matter of muscles, it’s how he holds himself. Christopher Reeve was capable of projecting immense physical strength without being all that bulky.

Kate Bosworth?


I kid, I kid.