BSG: Season 3, Episode 14: "The Woman King"--Spoilers

Didn’t see a spoiler thread for this week yet, so I started one. Standard courtesies apply–if it’s speculative or already aired, it’s fair game. Otherwise, please be kind.

From the Battlestar Wiki, the overview for this week is:

*Helo investigates the claims of Sagittarons that a doctor is discriminating against them by providing substandard medical care whilst news of Baltar’s impending trial sparks civil unrest in the fleet. *

Hoping it is better than last week…

I am so eager to get back home and watch the episode! I’m working right now and would much rather be enmeshed in the BSG universe.


– IG

Is “Sagittarons” from the first series?

Sagittaron is one of the colony names, a slanting of the word Sagitarius. They initially hinted at unrest between colonies, being different planets and all - the cultures differed widely. They then proceeded to glance over it all and it looks like they’ll be bringing it back to focus, at least for this episode, in the form of medical discrimination.

– IG

So the Sagittarons don’t believe in medicine? I’m going to go out on a limb :dubious: and say they either are the cause or suspected of being the cause of an epidemic.

Survivor count: 41, 401
Pretty close to what it was last time, I think.

So, I’m missing something - where are these people coming from?

Inner-Baltar’s back. So how long will it take everyone to realize that they’ve seen Baltar doing the same weird stuff 6 is doing now?

“Better have the Doc look at the hand.”
Tigh is tough.

I love fuckin’ Tigh. He is a bad ass. My patience is also running out with Helo’s attitude. How does he keep getting away with this insubordination? As Tigh pointed out it, it comes off as downright giving succor to the enemy. He’s a jerk prone to self-righteous mysticism. The ep’s only half over, maybe it’ll turn my opinion of him around by the end, but I doubt it.

Did Helo just say ‘fucking’ instead of ‘fracking’?

Roberts sure as hell has some balls if he’s willing to murder the daughter-in-law of the supreme commander of the fleet.

So of course Helo is right. Always. Even though his attitude is completely ridiculous. Frakking (and fucking) annoying. I so wanted him to be wrong this time and get a giant head-check. Ah well, shoulda known it’d never happen. Still don’t like him though.

It would have been more dramatically interesting if Dr. Robert was not actually killing Sagittarons, just letting them die by not treating them. Or refusing to treat them because they were violently opposing their own care. Then it might have been a moral quandary of some kind. Making him a racist sociopath who is murdering people is a bit much.

He only got on my nerves recently, when he killed the Cylon prisoners, but he’s done it consistently since then.
Maybe Apollo will beat his ass for coping a feel while carrying his wife. Did he do a “Fireman’s Carry”, the easiest and fastest? Oh, no, it was “arm around the tits”.

Mediocre at best. Liked the bar scene. Chief Tyrol is hitting the sauce the last two episodes. Kinda wondered how far they were going to go with Rosilyn watching what would appear to be a…solo act…

Cheap heat with the “OMG they killed Dualla” break “No they didn’t” editing.

With Baltar? Like Baltar has an invisible friend?

Maybe they will figure something out, like “Why do you reckon Baltar used to jerk hisownself around by his tie?”

Why the name of the episode? I thought it would be a reference to President Laura, but it didn’t appear to do so.

Think the title came from the mother of the murdered boy. Her last name was King.

Helo even said “that woman, King” at one point. Where was Scarecrow? :wink:

Overall, a mediocre episode, nice to see Tigh being the lovable ol’ hardass again, but Helo’s really starting to be a sanctomonius prick

as far as Doc NotCottle, could he be any more one-dimensional?

the "Oh My God, They Killed Dee! scene was predictable as well

on the upside, no Kara being a prat this week either, and thankfully little air-time for the Pop-Tart as well
on a scale of 1-10, I’d rate this one a 4.5

Kinda wish they’d left the bonus scene in, perhaps instead of the insomnia scene in the opener. I never could find a longer version on the website, but from what they showed after the credits, that scene would have explained why Helo was stuck with the civilian manager gig…

Also starting to wonder when we get the BSG Law episode. They have at least 3 high profile defendants needing trial now, including the Doc from this week.

Need more Viper fights and gratuitous nudity.