Bubbaleechie Grooves to Eminem!

Whilst watching Video Hits (top 40 music video’s) on TV this weekend I noticed an interesting phenomenon.

Bubbaleechie was moving around in time to the Eminem track “Lose Yourself” from the 8 Mile movie.

She was also shaking her booty to Shaggy :slight_smile:

There is still another 3 1/2 months of incubation till she’s ready to hatch - lordy only knows what she’ll be into then.

Kids these days they grow up so fast, first she was just an egg, then a little alien shaped growth inside me and now she’s ready to go out and party all night.

Just wait … the Wiggles and the witty repartee of B1 & B2 await…

:eek: Noooooooo

Perhaps as some dopers have banned Disney in their homes I shall ban the Wiggles and the Banana’s.

At what age can she start watching Buffy?