Buckcherry CD - "15"

I just finished listening to this CD for the first time, and kids, if you like the hard rock n’ roll you just have to get this.

This CD just kicks ass. One hard rocking groove after another. Great energy, great instrumental work, good singing, good writing…

I’ve never listened to Buckcherry before, but if this is representative of their stuff, they’ve got a new fan.

My boyfriend listens to the local rock station, and if I have to hear “Crazy Bitch” one more time, I’m going to take hostages, I swear. It’s on what seems to be continuous rotation. I’m already sick to death of of this song, and it’s more than a little silly, lyrically. Is that what the whole album is like?!?

Sorry, just had to vent that. Carry on!

I was wondering how the rest of their music sounded. I listened to a sample of another song, but I wasn’t impressed. Maybe I’ll give it another listen.

No, ‘crazy bitch’ is not at all representative of them. Think of them as a cross between Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith, with maybe a little Black Crowes thrown in.

I did say that ‘if you like the hard rock n’ roll’. I suppose it’s not for everyone. It’s loud, driving, high energy music, with a serious attitude. ‘Crazy Bitch’ is way over the top.

Listen to ‘Next to You’, and "Carousel’ to get a broader picture of what the CD is like. After I listened to it the first time, it felt like the first time I heard Appetite for Destruction. It’s that good. Or almost, anyway.

Cool - thanks for the tip. It is hard to find well-executed Big Dumb Rock™ - most is, well, just dumb.

I’ll check it out. Did you every listen to the song “Ready to Go” by the band Supagroup? I posted a thread about them a while back. Excellent BDR.

I’ll try to dig that up. Looking at ‘Supagroup’ on Allmusic, I think Buckcherry might be a little more ‘serious’. More Guns N’ Roses than AC/DC or Aerosmith.

Apparently, the lead singer with Buckcherry spent a month cutting songs with Slash for ‘Velvet Revolver’, but at the last minute lost the job to Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots.

Good thing thing he doesn’t have Sirius. There’s a station there - Faction - that I’m convinced only has about 15 songs in their catalogue, and they’re getting paid to repeat them all over and over and over. I heard Crazy Bitch 3 times in 1 hour once when it first came out.

I always wondered - does their name have anything to do with Chuck Berry?

I want to post a few lyrics of ‘Porno Star’ from Time Bomb, but not in CS. laughs I always dream about turning down the windows and cranking up that song going by a school zone, because I’m an immature 19 year old.

I haven’t kept up with them too much - I rarely want to just listen to some hard rock - but I did a review of Time Bomb for a friend’s music site a few years ago (w00t! Fourth page on Google! Most successful thing I’ve ever done!), so that’s how I heard of them.

A few words:

First of all, Buckcherry had a great release back in 1999 or so that prompted me to buy that album (as I look at the track listings, I can’t even remember which one it was). I give the album quite a bit of listening, but I didn’t love it and thought the release was much better than the rest of the album.

Today, I totally dig “Crazy Bitch” but I’ve held off on buying the album because the first one let me down. Sam might have changed my mind.

To harken back. . .this year we had a Wolfmother thread. I never returned to it, but I LOVE that album. It’s completely ridiculous lyrically. Sometimes that’s a short-coming, but really you just need to flow with it. It’s filled with some big, meaty riffs, lots of dynamic changes. A real interesting album if you can get past lyrics about white unicorns.

In that same thread, I was talked into buying the **Supagroup **album (by WordMan, maybe). I can’t say I love it, but it’s pretty good. It’s major weakness isn’t anything musically, but it just doesn’t sound original. The **Wolfmother **definitely has a fresher feel to it.

In other news, just yesterday I bought Mark Lanergan’s “Bubblegum” from 2004. I’d always heard good things about it, and I gotta say that out of my college bands, The Screaming Trees makes it into my CD player more than anything else I listened to back then.

“Bubblegum” so far is a mellow listen, but I love the quality of his voice. I think it’s a CD that might grow on me, but I’ve only listened to the first 5 tracks so I don’t have much to say.

A couple of notes - Sam Stone, your characterization of Supagroup as less serious is pretty spot on. They aren’t going for the crown the way that Buckcherry is going for that true, risky danger rock thing that Gn’R captured so well…

**Trunk ** - glad you like Wolfmother - I do, too, in the ways you describe. I would characterize them as original at all - they sound like Zep + Sabs + Deep Purple’s organ to me - but with those bands as influences, is that really a bad thing? As for not digging Supagroup, that’s cool - sorry if I steered you wrong. I must admit that I have their song Ready To Go cued up at all times - it is a perfect song to just click over to in the car at the end of a long day or just to get pumped. Is it derivative? Oh, hell yeah. But damn it rocks - up there with If You Want Blood by AC/DC off Highway to Hell - my all-time get-me-pumped song…