Buckingham Nicks (1973)

Can anyone tell me why Buckingham Nicks (1973) is not available in CD-format? How is it possible that an album by two huge, extremely popular, musical artists is only available on vinyl?

Because the album cover needs to be as large as it can be. It just isn’t possible to properly ogle Stevie Nicks nude on a CD-sized panel! :smiley:

From All-Music Guide:

Hey, you can sign a petition.

From wikipedia:

It looks like the album would be of interest to die-hards but nobody with ownership seems to want to bother.

Heh. forgot your link was to AMG in the first place.

Thanks mack.

Yeah, I just found this:


Pure conjecture on my part:

Buckingham is both a musical/production perfectionist and can be tough to deal with. He was known during Rumours to spend hours poring over the arrangement and tracks to get them right - obviously in that case it really paid off. So one reason might be that he simply doesn’t like the way it sounds. Not unlike some authors who disown first novels, like Neal Stephenson or Michael Cunningham.

Another hypothesis, but doubtful - he is doing it to spite Stevie Nicks. Their relationship has had big ups and downs - I remember reading how when Buckingham sang “Go Your Own Way” with lines like “Shackin’ up’s all you wanna do” and such he would sing it sneering at Nicks. If so, clearly he would be open to acting out frustration.

Either way - he’s a brilliant guitarist; I love his ability to play single notes and deliver the emotion.

Could be WordMan, but perplexing in either case:

BN has been a critical success for the most part. It’s adored by most FM, Buckingham, and/or Nicks fans. “Don’t Let Me Down Again” was a live staple during FM’s heyday, and was featured on the ‘Live’ album (1981) - Audio of the original recording can be found here. Great song.

He can’t think it’s that bad, can he?

I don’t think he would hold it back to spite Stevie. They’ve mended quite a few fences since the reunion success of “The Dance”, starting in '97. By all accounts they have a great relationship now.

Why? Why Lindsey Why?

And you are not kidding about him being a brilliant guitarist. He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen; Vastly underrated. You just don’t see many “Travis Picking” quitarists in Pop/Rock anymore. And he never took lessons, and he doesn’t read music. :wink:

BTW, check your local PBS listings. Lindsey is appearing on PBS Soundstage, starting Sept. 2005, with Special Guest … Stevie Nicks!

I’ve seen a couple of video clips. It looks like a great show.

Set List:

Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind
Big Love
Go Insane
Down On The Rodeo
Red Rover
Never Going Back Again (w/Stevie Nicks)
Say Goodbye (w/Stevie Nicks)
Murrow Turning Over in his Grave
Go Your Own Way

I didn’t care much for his solo work (except for “Trouble” and “Holiday Road”), but after watching him when FM did their 1997 reunion tour, I was amazed at his technique.

BN is a great album. I’m lucky enough to have it on tape.
I signed the petition – hope it does some good.

Bummer. I bought the original back when. A fracking brilliant album.

Only available on vinyl?

Somewhere, somewhere, in a box, if it didn’t get thrown out once upon a move, I have it on 8-track tape…