Your favorite LP's That Never Made it To CD

Wilderness Road’s: “For Prevention of Disease Only”.

I googled them, but all that’s left of the group (members are still alive, btw) is a very basic website which allows fans to praise and/or beg for them to release this great album on cd.



Ornette Coleman: Crisis!
Urszula Dudziak: Newborn Light
Leon Thomas: The Leon Thomas Album
Kazdin & Sheppard: Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog
Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys: Albion Doo-Wah (“Strike a match and light anotherrrr mar-i-juana ciga-rette!”)

Lazarus (Bearsville Records)

Buckingham Nicks

I always used to say Joe Jackson’s soundtrack for Mike’s Murder, but I googled and found that a CD was released just a couple of years ago. Terrific album.

Some 1970s albums by Cher and Grace Jones haven’t been released on anything post-vinyl yet, which is odd (and frustrating) because you’d expect that big names like that would have all their albums on CD. At the very least some reissue/legacy label could chuck the albums on iTunes or something.

There are several huge names in pop-country music, like Dolly Parton, who haven’t seen all their LPs reissued and likely never will, because they turned out huge numbers of them (just in the period 1969-1980, Dolly put out more than thirty solo and duet albums, not counting compilations), and many of them were weak except for a few tracks, and those tracks have been compiled and recompiled on other releases.

I forgot about Dolly! I get what you mean, the average fan isn’t going to care as long as all the hits are readily available on endless compilations. Completists who want every song every sung by an artist are out of luck though.

I’d love a Dolly Parton or Cher reissue series, even if it was a limited run or a mail-order-only thing. I have faith it’ll happen eventually, there must be enough crazy fans out there (of those two especially) to justify it.

You should look around the net to see if anyone has done needle drops of any of those LP’s. If someone had good copies of the vinyl and knows what they’re doing, they can sound as good as an official CD would.

Everything Changes by Lesley Duncan. Very sad, as it’s a great album.

I was going to say the soundtrack to the B’way show Sophisticated Ladies, but it turns out it has been, it’s just out of print. ($35 is definitely more than I want to pay for it.) :frowning:

The 1975 recording of Jeeves. The person who owes the oorginal acetate refuses to sell it, despite Andrew Lloyd Webber opffering them outrageous money for it.

One gap in Cher’s discography was filled just a few months ago, when Collector’s Choice finally reissued the 1969 album 3614 Jackson Highway. It contains the only song I was ever interested in by her: her cover of “I Walk on Guilded Splinters.”

“Girl At Her Volcano” by Rickie Lee Jones hasn’t been released as a U.S. CD. A quick Google turned up a Japanese edition, and maybe a UK edition.

Possibly those version are out-of-print now. I couldn’t find any copies priced less than $37, and some were in the $60-75 range.

It was originally a seven song EP. The song that makes me miss it is a slow, fragile cover of Walk Away Renee.

That’s a name I have not seen very often. We saw her perform at a church here in Chicago.

Hendrix In The West.

The Four Tops Live at the Roostertail. One of the greatest live albums ever!

Neil Young’s Time Fades Away

Actually, I think you can piece that one together through other releases.

Looks to have been available at some point, but I never knew it. Gypsy - Antithesis

I’ve always wondered what this sounded like: Argent - Counterpoints